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If you were just stolen from, see HELP FENCE to learn what to do next.

Theft rules supersede any other PK specific scenarios. (Dauntless/Infamy)

1. You may steal from anyone for any reason at any time, except as follows:
   a. Theft attempts against anyone under the age of 21 are not permitted 
      unless the target is infamous.
   b. Theft while in an Arena is not permitted.
   c. Theft during worldgame events (e.g. foozles, bandersnatch, egghunts) is
      not allowed, if either the victim, the attacker, or both, have joined
      the game.
   d. Forcing curatives into containers may only be done for the purposes of
      combat, never for theft.
   e. Theft from newly returned dormant players will not be possible.
2. Taking things from a stockroom or a private house that you do not own, and 
   without prior permission, is theft.
3. You may not attack or hinder a player for the purpose of theft. For the
   avoidance of doubt:
    a. Force abilities that do not cause the victim to lose equilibrium or
       balance (mind force, soulmaster, minuet, hypnotism, etc) are permitted.
    b. Stripping defences, except for selfishness, is not permitted.
    c. Blocking or moving a player is not permitted.
4. Theft victims (even from unsuccessful attempts) can fight back and pursue 
   repercussions. These retaliatory actions do not grant the thief roleplay 
   justification to seek revenge (see HELP PK paragraph 6 regarding circular 
CON JOBS (Please refer to HELP SCAMS)
Con jobs, deceit, trickery, and the like involving gold are illegal (see
below for credit-related con jobs). If, for instance, you promise to exchange
gold for services or the other way around, accept the other party's half
of the deal, and then refuse to follow through on yours, that's considered
a scam.
Con jobs and credits. Something like a credit transfer at an unexpected
price is a con job. We safeguard you in this way: you have to AGREE to
such transactions, or else you have to type out the entire TRANSFER <x>
CREDITS TO <person> FOR <y> GOLD command. If you get fooled, or if you
put in the wrong command, then you've been conned, and you have nobody
to blame but yourself.
Con jobs relating to paying credits for things (whatever: shops, bulk
herbs, etc) are definitely forbidden and will be handled strictly.
Don't do that!

This is a very particular case where a member of an organisation abuses a
position of power in an org in order to clear out coffers, destroy
ships, wipe commodity stores, and similar.

In these instances the offender is considered open PK to all members of the
organisation until the stolen contents are returned/repaid or until the
organisation considers the debt satisfied in some other manner.

Theft from a shop in/belonging to a city/house is not and never has been
considered organisational theft.

Tips to Protect Against Thievery
1. Run away. Remember, the thief isn't allowed to restrain you.
2. Keep your gold in the bank!
3. Turn on your curing and setup selfishness as a defence.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is it permitted to force eating herbs, if you secret them the herb
   beforehand? (To cure things that may prevent theft)
A. It is permitted if the herb that the victim is being forced to eat does not
   strip a defence. Thus, a thief cannot use this to strip blindness or
Q. Is it permitted to force wake?
A. Yes, waking a person, on its own, does not count as an attack in theft, as
   long as it's done through a method that does not harm the victim, strip his
   defences, or attack him in any other way. For example, you could use a force
   command to make your victim awaken, but you couldn't kick him to wake him
Q. Is picking items up off the ground dropped by someone who died theft?
A. Picking up items dropped by someone who died is not theft, unless the 
   retriever forced that adventurer to have the items out and droppable upon
Q. Is it permitted to strip phase in order to steal?
A. No. Phase is a defence, and you cannot strip it, nor anything else that
   shows up in DEFENCES for the victim (excepting selfishness).

    If you were just stolen from, see HELP FENCE to learn what to do next.