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12.5.13 The Aerinewild

Once unspoilt by outsiders and sacrosanct within the depths of the Aureliana forest, the Aerinewild forest was home to the temple of the Goddess Demeter, and later Melantha. Now, in the passing of Melantha and with the guidance of Titania, the forest now hosts the village of the fayad and their magical Everglade among its tangled vines and ancient trees.

Before Time was Time, in the birth of forest and Life from sacred soil the Earthmother Gaia brought forth nine Forest Spirits to learn and teach and grow and embrace the beauty of all that was Her Realm. Yet in the march of Aeon's years so too did the Earthmother's attention turn elsewhere, to dryad Caladriendra and Tsol'aa Ciannait. And so it came to pass that Gaia set a Celani to watchful care for that which nurtured Her Spirits: the Aerinewild.

After the binding of the God Agatheis into a unicorn and in the resulting elemental imbalance, the Earthmother placed Her seal upon the forested cradle, leaving the yet-young Demeter to a lonely stewardship across the passage of long years. Through war and famine, plague and death did she stand faithful guard, even when in time Gaia Herself passed from the world and surrendered Herself to Her Cycle. And so the Forest Spirits, grown as they were in the sacred heart of the Aureliana, inherited Her Divine essence.

But the magic of the Aerinewild, robbed of She Who Is Nature, was finite. At first Demeter gave of herself, passing into deep slumber. Yet the sleeping Celani was not a Goddess, and the decaying seal had naught in choice but to fade and reveal the forest once more to the outside world.

The sleeping Celani within, nurtured by the Aerinewild in like fashion to the forest spirits it harboured, Awakened a Goddess: Demeter, the Green Lady. From the memories of departed Gaia and ascended Demeter was Eupheme born, a final creation to tend that which had once supported spirit and Goddess both.

The Everglade
Anyone in Achaea may visit the Everglade of the fayad and, irrespective of race, looks, or biology, reflect upon and choose how they wish to present themselves to the world.

REFLECT when in the Everglade.

Follow the prompt with:
SAY I AM HE  - change your pronouns to he, him, his.
SAY I AM SHE - change your pronouns to she, her, hers.
SAY I AM FAE - change your pronouns to fae, faen, faes.
SAY I AM NOT - do nothing.

You can REFLECT at the Everglade once per Achaean month.