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Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu. Territory Control

For a full detailing refer to Announce news posts 4592 and 4593.

First, a couple of notes.
- Attacking troops with hunting attacks will go badly for you. Use troops to
attack troops.

- Using battlefields to escape PK is a breach of honour and is severely frowned

- Factions who cannot yet request beacon stones (due to the staggered starts) 
can still defend, they just cannot instigate attacks until they gain access to
the stones.


Some Terminology:

Reserves: troops in an organisation's army that are not yet assigned to a
division. Troops can not be moved into the reserves, only out of them. All
newly recruited troops start out in the reserves.

Division: A division is a large group of companies. When a battle is initiated,
one division participates in said battle.

Company: A company is a small group of up to eight troops of the same class.
Each company is controlled by a player.

Troop: A troop is a single member of a company. Troops aren't handled on an
individual basis for the most part.

Troop classes:

Assault: assault troops are much faster at securing a location. They also have
fairly balanced stats, though they lean towards the offensive.

Saboteurs: Saboteur troops are able to sabotage tower fortifications, disabling
them for as long as they're carrying out the task. They are also the most
balanced when it comes to stats: not being particularly inclined to either
attack or defence, but having a fairly substantial health pool.

Demolitionists: Demolitionists are able to damage fortifications, eventually
destroying them. Demolitionists also have the highest attack stat of any troop
class, although their low health and defence offsets this.

Scouts: Scouts are able to scout a location before entering, potentially
picking up any fortifications or troops that may be present there. Scouts also
are the fastest to secure a location after assault class troops, and have the
highest defensive stats of any troop. This is offset by the fact that they have
a very low attack stat.

Managing troops:

Each city has a standing army, split up into divisions. Each division is split
up into companies; these are the units that players control. A company is
composed of up to eight troops of a given class. Having a diverse array of
troop types in each division is vitally important for a balanced army.

FACTION TROOPS LIST                - List what troops you can recruit and their
FACTION TROOPS SHOW <trooptype>    - More detailed information about a given
                                     troop type.
FACTION TROOPS RECRUIT <number> <trooptype> 
                                   - Recruit troops into your faction's 

FACTION RESERVES LIST              - List what troops your faction has ready
                                     for assigning.
FACTION RESERVES DISMISS <number> <trooptype> 
                                   - Dismiss a given number of troops from your
                                     faction's reserves, permanently.

                                   - Create a division.
FACTION DIVISION LIST              - List all your factions created divisions.
FACTION DIVISION RENAME <division> TO <division> 
                                   - Change the name of a division.
FACTION DIVISION SHOW <division>   - Show what companies currently make up a
FACTION DIVISION ASSIGN <number of troop> <troop type> TO <division> 
                                   - Assign a number of troops from your
                                     faction's reserves to a division.

To attack an area, you will need a beacon stone. These beacons allow a division
to traverse to an area's location. You do not need a beacon to defend an area
that is claimed by your faction.

REQUEST BEACON                     - From your faction leader.
PLANT BEACON                       - To open up access to the battlefield!
CALL DIVISION                      - You can only call one division per battle,
                                     choose wisely.
ENTER BATTLEFIELD                  - Enter a battlefield.

When a division is successfully called, one of two things will happen:

1) If a battle for the area is already in progress, you shall join it.
2) If no battle is currently in progress, one shall be initiated.

If a faction attacks an area that you have already claimed, you may call a
division to that area without need for a beacon stone or waiting period.

Once a battle starts, anyone in the area may ENTER BATTLEFIELD. This requires
that you be at both full health and mana and able to move normally.


TERRITORY STATUS                   - Get a breakdown of who has currently
                                     captured what, as well as some other
                                     battle specific information.

Controlling Companies:
There are several commands restricted to specific types of troops.

COMPANY COMMAND <company> FOLLOW   - Order a company you are commanding to
                                     begin following you.
                                   - Order a company to stop following you. 
                                     You still retain command, however.
COMPANY COMMAND <company> ATTACK|KILL <company> 
                                   - Command a company you are leading to
                                     initiate combat with a hostile company.
                                   - Begin the process of securing a location
                                     for your faction.

Scouts Only:
COMPANY COMMAND <company> SCOUT <direction> 
                                   - Receive intelligence based on what 
                                     fortifications or troops lie in the next
Saboteurs Only:
COMPANY COMMAND <company> SABOTAGE [fortification] 
                                   - Have the company actively interfere with
                                     the function of a fortified tower, 
                                     preventing it from attacking other troops 
                                     in the location. Omitting a fortification
                                     shall cause it to pick one at random to 
Demolitionists Only:
COMPANY COMMAND <company> DEMOLISH [fortification] 
                                   - Begin the process of destroying a 
                                     fortification. If none is specified, one 
                                     will be picked at random. 
                                     (Towers are given priority.)


Fortifications are a large tactical advantage in territory contestations.
Fortifications may be built in a room and serve various purposes, from blocking
off an exit to causing periodic damage to all hostiles (players and troops
both) in a location. Removing fortifications is often crucial in successfully
capturing an area. When a battle resolves, all non temporary fortifications in
said location will become loyal to the victor, so it is often advantageous to
retain some amount of infrastructure where possible.

Note that during a battle, temporary fortifications may only be built.
Permanent fortifications take time to construct and cost more; temporary
fortifications are built immediately, but are easier to destroy and will
degrade over time.

FORTIFICATIONS                     - See what fortifications are built in a
FORTIFICATION LIST                 - See what fortifications are available to
FORTIFICATION SHOW <fortification> - See more information about a
                                     fortification, such as build costs.
                                   - Build a fortification at your location.