Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


18.1      Calendar          About Achaea's calendar.
18.1.1    Time Warps        When was wasn't.
18.2      Date              About the date command, and converting dates.
18.2.1    GMT               Real world time zones and GMT.
18.2.2    Serenade          The Orphean Serenade.
18.2.3    Reminders         Never forget that important event again.
18.2.4    Upcoming          Upcoming events and happenings
18.3      Levellist         A list of the adventurer experience levels.
18.3.1    Experience        Experience defined, explained.
18.5      Plants            About the plant-life of Achaea.
18.5.1    Minerals          About some of the minerals of Achaea.
18.6      Dragons           Greater Dragons, and becoming one.
18.6.1    Dragon Talismans  Elder dragons, choices, and more!
18.6.2    Dragon Lairs      Ancestral homes of the various dragon colours.
18.7      Emotionlist       A list of Achaea's pre-built emotions.
18.7.1    Racial Emotions   A list of Achaea's racial emotions.
18.8      Promotions        How to become a Celani.
18.8.1    Demigods          What's that?
18.9      Elemental Lords   All the information about Elemental Lords       
18.10     Definitions       Various odds and ends that seem obscure to some
18.10.1   Everything        All of it
18.10.3   Pikes             Up your intimidation factor
18.10.4   Polearms          Big, pointy sticks
18.10.5   Ashlar            Get off your ashlar and do something
18.10.8   Jackdaws          Caw! Caw!
18.10.9   Flagons           Also chalice and goblet
18.10.10  Entomology        Another way to talk about BUGs
18.10.11  Plinths           Rock and stone
18.10.12  Mead              Drink hearty
18.10.13  Phials            One more thing to put stuff in
18.10.14  Charms            Charms and Charm Bracelets: Pretty Jewellery
18.10.15  De Gustibus       Non Disputandum Est
18.10.16  Bog               Slowin' down?
18.10.18  Blizzard          The weather outside is frightful!
18.10.19  Wind Chimes       The answer is blowing in the wind
18.10.20  Nets              Especially for Butterflies
18.10.23  Various Clothing  For the truly ignorant
18.10.24  Dreams            Mysteries of the ages
18.10.25  Constellations    The Dance of the Vault
18.11     Ferries           Ferry rides to the islands
18.12     Delosian Eagles   Special arena currency!
18.13     Auction House     The Delosian Auction House!