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King of the Hill is a game held in the arena. It is played between two teams,
each composed of 1-15 people. The teams are named simply Red Team and Blue
Team. There is a single Hill and a single Flag per game.

The objective of the game is to secure the Hill and plant the King of the Hill
Flag there. Planting and uprooting works very much like in Capture the Flag
(see HELP CTF). Once planted, the flag will accrue KOTH points for the team
that planted it, 1 point per each second planted. The number of points needed
to win, called 'goalpoints', are set before the start of the game. The first
team to reach the goalpoints is the winner of the KOTH game.

Once a game has started, you can see the goalpoints and the current scores with


There are a number of options for the setup of a King of the Hill game. They
are: the number of players per team, whether team assignment is random or can
be chosen, the number of goalpoints, and whether any environments are
restricted from being the "Hill", such as forest/jungle (listed simply as
"forest"), watery rooms, or indoor rooms.

You will see the settings for a particular KOTH game when it is initialised. If
the option of JOIN KOTH <arena> [RED/BLUE] is presented to you, that means you
can choose a team colour to join. If you choose to omit the colour, you will be
joined to the team with less players, or if the teams are equal, you'll be
joined to one at random. If you only see the option to JOIN KOTH <arena>, that
means that team assignment has been set to random, and you cannot choose your

More options for KOTH are to come.


You can use KT and KWHO to speak to your teammates in the arena and to see who
they are. CONFIG COLOUR ARENATELLS <1-15> to set the colour for this channel.

ES <arena> will also show you who is on your team by colour. You will also see
your teammates' names in the colour of your team for most actions and attacks.

When you join the game, you will be placed in the same room as your teammates
so that you do not have to waste time getting together.

Following is possible during KOTH, unlike other arena games.


Basic gameplay goes like this. Your team must:
1. Secure the hill and the flag.
2. Plant the flag at the hill (use PLANT FLAG, and you must be doing nothing
   else for 6 seconds while you do this).
3. Keep it defended until your team score reaches the goalpoints.
4. If the flag/hill are taken by the other team, fight to regain both. If the 
   enemy team has planted the flag, use UPROOT FLAG to take it from them.

When KOTH starts, the Hill will be declared at a random room in the arena,
subject to any environment restrictions displayed at initialisation. You can
also check its location at any time on ES <arena>. If there is more than one
room in the arena with the same name, look for the rounded hill in the correct
room. You can only plant the flag at the Hill.

ES <arena> will also show you where the flag is at any given moment. ARENA
SCORES <arena> tells you the running score.

The flag will disappear from your inventory and appear at a random location in
the arena if you do any of these things:
- fly
- blackwind/astralform (cannot phase in the arena)
- put it in a container or give it to a pet, entity, or the like.
- are killed
- hold the flag while graced
- uproot the flag

Note the last, as this is significantly different from how flags behave in a
CTF. Uprooting a planted flag will cause it to appear in a random location in
the arena, so if you manage to uproot one, you or your teammates will have to
run and secure it before you can re-plant it.

If you are killed in a KOTH, you will be returned to the arena at a random
location, your defences stripped. You will have 1 minute of grace to raise your
defences and such again. You can REJECT GRACE if you do not need this minute.
You cannot plant, uproot, or even hold the flag at all while graced.


KOTH generally ends when one team reaches the objective goalpoints. It can also
end if all members of one of the teams leave the game. Remember, death does not
cause you to leave the game. As in a Rampage, you reappear somewhere randomly
in the arena with your defences stripped, and you can continue playing. This is
so that the game cannot be won simply by killing off everyone on the opposing
team once.


JOIN KOTH <arena>:
    Will place you in the game on a random team.
    Will place you in the game on the team you selected.
ES <arena>:
    Will show you the location of the Hill and the Flag.
    Show current scores, current King, and goalpoints.
    Speak to your KOTH Team.
    See who's on your KOTH Team, other than yourself.
    Choose a colour for your KT channel.
    Plant the flag at the Hill. You must do nothing else for 6 seconds.
    Uproot a planted flag. This will cause it to disappear and reappear
    somewhere else in the arena.
    Depart early from the game.