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7.2 Gold, Money, and a bit about getting it


Having, keeping, giving money/gold
Gold (also known as sovereigns, gold pieces, even gp or gps) is the currency of
the land. Found in the form of golden sovereigns, it is almost universally
accepted as payment for goods and services. It is the coin of the realm, the
money we use to buy and sell.

In order to see how much gold you have, type I or INVENTORY. This will
show you the amount of gold in your hands. If your gold is in your
backpack or another container, you must PROBE that container to see how
much gold it contains.

Dealing with gold is a bit different from dealing with other items. When
giving, dropping, or putting gold, you specify the number of gold directly 
before the word gold. So, for instance: GIVE 100 GOLD TO RURIN

Gold can be stolen. If you do not want this to happen (and who does?), you
should store your gold in a backpack, or, if you want more safety, in a bank.

Gaining Money/Gold
Gaining money (sovereigns, or just gold) is always a priority for adventurers.
The variety of tempting and useful items in Achaea is quite staggering:

- weapons and armour (common and forged),
- clothing (common and custom tailored),
- jewellery,
- plants, herbs, elixirs, potions, and salves for various purposes,
- licenses as a bookie, herald, jeweller, or tailor,
- private homes,
- books and libraries,
- furniture,
- artefacts of power,
- and the list goes on!
As a new adventurer, you have several good options for gaining money which are
described in some detail in HELP NEWBIE QUESTS. The big three are ratting,
butterflies, and fishing.