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4.15 Credibility and Roleplaying Points

Our intent with credibility is to encourage Achaeans to be IC in public 
venues, out and about in the world, with other players (who have not consented
to be OOC with you), and in organisation communications. 

We want In Character to be the default for everyone, and we want someone who
logs into Achaea seeking in character interaction to not be met with OOC as a

Credibility is measured in Roleplaying points. We may refer to roleplaying or
RP points elsewhere, in which case it is always a reference to credibility.

Using HONOURS on an adventurer will show you, among other things, credibility.
This information is found directly under ranking, and may say something like,
"He is an acceptable character," or, "She is a refreshingly credible

If you lose credibility, regaining it is a matter of simply being
consistently in-role and in character and avoiding ooc (out of character).

Credibility is regenerated at 1 point per 6 hours while logged in, or 1 point
per 18 hours if not. See also HELP INSANITY and HELP ROLEPLAYING.

If you lose credibility, you will receive a message that tells you why and how
many points you have lost.

Credibility docking takes away certain gameplay privileges. What these
privileges are depend on how egregiously you have broken the "in character
contract" and disturbed the setting for those around you and how often you 
have done it.

For 99% of cases the following can be expected:
Your first credibility ding will be a warning.
A second within 30 days will be a 5 point adjustment.
A third within 30 days (of the previous) will be a 10 point adjustment.
And beyond.

Particularly egregious breaches may deviate from this, and repeated wilful
ruination of Achaea's environment for players and the team alike may result 
in shrubbing.

The consequences of credibility loss are as follows:
1% less xp gain for each rolepoint missing
1% more xp loss for each rolepoint missing
5% less renown cap (1 cr/100 renown) for each rolepoint missing.

Sub 95 rolepoints
   Cannot accept proteges
   Removal/ban from city guide appointment
   Disables custom item interaction emotes (put/drop similar)
   Custom EMOTEs limited to 80 characters
   No poses
Sub 90 rolepoints
   No shouting
   No yells
   No custom emotes
Sub 85 rolepoints
   No market channel
   No description setting
   No access to org-flagged clans
Sub 80 rolepoints
   No newbie channel access
   No renown gain at all
Sub 75 rolepoints
   No arenatell
   No housetell
   No citytell
   No ordertell

Some OOC (out of character) things that might reduce your Credibility
- OOC shouts
- OOC news posts
- OOC use of channels - NEWBIE*, MARKET, HT/HNT/HTS/CT/OT/IC Clans, etc.
- Taking on or granting silly titles.
- Using real world references: if it doesn't exist in Achaea, it's OOC.
  That means music groups, pop songs, movies, television shows, books,
  authors, companies, political parties, countries, and anything else
  that is meaningful outside Achaea but not really meaningful inside.
- Silly or clearly-not-warcry warcries.
- Acting without regard for the history of your character.

(*) Necessity means that OOC discussion is permitted on the Newbie, to 
enable the answering and asking of questions our new players might have. So 
long as the conversation is pertinent to Achaea one need not be worried. 
UUC clan is another venue that loosely permits some OOC discussion.

You can lose credibility if, in shouts, yells, posts, market, newbie, house,
order, city, class, oakstone, clan (if not an explicitly ooc clan), speech in
front of any denizen or in front of any adventurer that doesn't want to go ooc,
or any other public channel or venue, you:

- use the word(s) lag or lagbeast (or similar).
- mention a web site.
- mention another mud or other online game.
- mention ISSUES.

There are many more things that will result in loss of credibility. These are
just examples, mainly aimed at those too stubborn to listen when we tell them
not to go OOC!

Reduction in credibility may occur as a punishment for violation of language