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13.7.8 Achaea's server-side curing

Achaea's combat system offers an unprecedented level of depth, providing
multiple layers of afflictions and ailments. While this makes it enjoyable, it
can also make it difficult to get started in. 

To aide in this endeavour, we provide a server-side system to aide in the
curing of these ailments. This should allow all adventurers to partake in
player-vs-player combat at all levels.

The following commands are available with the system:

CURING                               - Brings up a list of commands available
                                       in the system.
CURING STATUS                        - Shows the status of your curing.

CURING ON|OFF                        - Enables and disables the core of the
CURING AFFLICTIONS ON|OFF            - Enables and disables affliction curing.
CURING DEFENCES ON|OFF               - Enables or disables defence upkeep.
CURING SIPPING ON|OFF                - Enables or disables health/mana sipping.
CURING TRANSMUTATION ON|OFF          - Enables or disables the use of
                                       Transmutation cures.

CURING SIPHEALTH|SIPMANA <percent>   - What percentage of maximum health/mana
                                       to sip health/mana at.
CURING MOSSHEALTH|MOSSMANA <percent> - What percentage of maximum health/mana
                                       to eat moss/potash at.
CURING PRIORITY HEALTH|MANA          - Prioritise health or mana regeneration.
CURING FOCUS ON|OFF                  - Toggle the use of the FOCUS ability in
CURING FOCUS FIRST|SECOND            - Toggle whether to use the focus ability
                                       before herb cures or after.
CURING TREE ON|OFF                   - Toggle the use of the TREE tattoo to
                                       cure afflictions.
CURING USECLOT ON|OFF                - Toggle the use of the CLOT ability to
                                       mitigate bleeding.
CURING CLOTAT <amount>               - Configure how much bleeding is needed
                                       before the system will CLOT.
CURING TREE SCENARIO                 - Customise when your TREE tattoo will 
                                       be used.
CURING FALLBACK ON|OFF               - Allow curing to use alternate cures when
                                       you run out of your primary.

Advanced options
While the default curing priority should be suitable in most cases, we've
provided a way to adjust the order in which you cure afflictions and keep
defences active.

CURING PRIORITY LIST                  - List the affliction cure priority.
CURING PRIORITY <name> <1-25>         - Move an affliction's cure priority.
CURING PRIORITY INSERT <aff> <priority> [all]
                                      - Inserts a priority.
CURING PRIORITY RESET                 - Reset the cure priority to the default.

For more information on the various afflictions, please be sure to look at

CURING PRIORITY DEFENCE LIST          - List the defence upkeep priority.
CURING PRIORITY DEFENCE <name> <1-25> - Move an defence's upkeep priority.
CURING PRIORITY DEFENCE <name> RESET  - Reset a defence's upkeep priority.

No default priority for defence upkeep is provided. For more information on the
various defences, please be sure to look at DEFENCE LIST.

CURINGSETs allow multiple pre-configured curing and defence priority lists.
These can be changed between quickly and easily without having to manually
reconfigure the priorities.

CURINGSET NEW <name>                  - Create a new curingset.
CURINGSET LIST                        - List curingsets.
CURINGSET SWITCH <name>               - Switch to a curingset.
CURINGSET DELETE <name>               - Delete a curingset.
CURINGSET RENAME <oldname> <newname>  - Rename a curingset.
CURINGSET EXPAND                      - Purchase an additional curing set.
                                        Costs 25 credits and is 
CURINGSET CLONE <from>                - Clone a set into your current setup

Custom conditions for TREE tattoo useage can be setup with the CURING TREE SCENARIO command:

CURING TREE SCENARIO NEW <name>       - Create a new Tree Scenario
CURING TREE SCENARIO DELETE <name>    - Delete a custom Tree Scenario
CURING TREE SCENARIO LIST             - List your custom Tree Scenarios
CURING TREE SCENARIO SHOW <name>      - Show the details of a custom Tree
CURING TREE SCENARIO ENABLE <name>    - Enable a custom Tree Scenario
CURING TREE SCENARIO DISABLE <name>   - Disable a custom Tree Scenario
CURING TREE SCENARIO AFFLICTIONS <name> <aff1> [aff2] [...]
                                      - Add afflictions you wish to apply to
                                        the Scenario
                                      - Set TREE tattoo to be used if off a
                                        certain curing balance
                                       - Set TREE tattoo to be used when you
                                         have a specific number of afflictions
                                         or more

Manual manipulation
Situations can change in the blink of an eye, and there may be times when you
wish to force a command to take precedence over any other curing priority. To
do this, simply add it to the queue, and it will be done before any other
scheduled commands.

CURING QUEUE ADD <cure>               - Add a manual cure into the queue.
CURING QUEUE LIST                     - List what is in your queue.
CURING QUEUE INSERT <1-20> <cure>     - Insert a manual cure in a specific
CURING QUEUE REMOVE <cure>            - Remove a cure from the queue.
CURING QUEUE RESET                    - Reset the queue.

CURING PREDICT <affliction>           - Tell the system that you think you
                                        have an affliction.
CURING UNPREDICT <affliction>         - Remove a predicted affliction.
CURING PREDICTIONS                    - List predicted afflictions.

CURING BATCH ON|OFF                   - Attempt to send multiple cures at once
                                        where possible.

CURING HEALTHAFFSABOVE <value>        - Set the health threshold above which 
                                        you will apply health elixir for curing.

CURING PRIOAFF <affliction>           - Temporarily prioritise an affliction 
                                        until said affliction is cured.

CURING PRIOAFF NONE                   - Remove a temporarily prioritised

About the system and latency
The system is designed to cure your afflictions at a rate that simulates
average latency, so the time it would have normally taken for Achaea to send
the message to your computer and back to the game. This means:
- Most people will see no noticeable difference in curing efficiency using
  server-side or client-side... it's a matter of preference, much like which
  internet browser to use.
- For people with very high latency (if you are on dial-up internet, for
  instance), using Achaea's server-side curing may be much faster than using
  a third-party client.
- For someone with extremely low latency (if you are located in Chicago near
  the IRE servers with fiber-optic service) you might be able to cure yourself
  a fraction of a second faster with a local system.