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23.23 Voyages

Voyages, also known as "seafaring quests", are a series of eleven diverse adventures offered by Achaea's harbour dockworkers/harbourmasters and undertaken by a ship and her crew. Invariably these involve a grand journey on the high seas, venturing forth from island to island, harbour to harbour, coast to coast, in order to complete the objectives, hear the stories, and claim the vast rewards at the end.

These are not to be undertaken lightly! The seafaring life can be a long one, and only the simplest of voyages can be done in a quick jaunt, from a single harbour to a single harbour. Most are much more diverse and cerebral, involving several-leg journeys that aim to tell a varied and robust range of stories, in most cases unfolding as the voyage itself progresses.

To Undertake a Voyage
You need:
    Your ship in the harbour.
    To be Captain of the ship.
    Your crew in your entourage (ENT)		

SAY REQUESTING A VOYAGE FOR SHIP <#>  - Ship Captain only.
                                      - When at a voyage giver.
VOYAGE PENDING - Shows the offered voyage information.
VOYAGE EMBARK  - Sets you and your crew on the offered voyage.
VOYAGE CANCEL  - Rejects the offered voyage.
               - This will automatically happen if you wait too long to respond.

- A Windcutter can have up to 3 crew + captain (4 total)
- A Sea Strider can have up to 5 crew + captain (6 total)
- A WarGalley can have up to 7 crew + captain (8 total)
- Not all voyages are available from all harbours.
- 1 voyage per ship at a time, and 1 voyage per person.
- Voyages will expire, they do not remain on a ship/person indefinitely.

Mid-Voyage Commands
Where captain is referenced this refers to the captain who accepted the voyage, not necessarily the current ship's captain. Be mindful of this on shared ships.

VOYAGE STATUS  - Useable by anyone on a voyage.
               - Gives information about your current voyage.

VOYAGE DISBAND - Captain only.
               - Disbands the crew and this voyage, cancelling from everyone and the ship.
               - This cannot be forced.
               - The personal cooldown for the voyage goes into effect for the Captain.

VOYAGE DISMISS <crewmate> - Captain only.
               - Dismiss a crewmate from the active voyage's crew.
               - IRREVERSIBLE.

VOYAGE ABANDON - Crew member only - you leave the crew for the active voyage.
               - The personal cooldown for the voyage goes into effect even if you abandon the crew.
               - IRREVERSIBLE.

End of Voyage
When a voyage is concluded, ALL members of the participating crew will be credited with completion and rewarded accordingly.

In addition to the standard rewards, most voyages award pieces from the SEAFARING talisman set. Pieces are awarded to the captain when the quest is finished, and these can of course be traded around as desired. The amount of pieces awarded varies; simple voyages will not yield pieces, others range from 1 piece per ship up to 2 pieces for every member of the crew. 

There is also a small chance that each member of the voyaging crew will be awarded a talisman piece of their own.