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23.7 High Seas and Weather


Higher winds often disturb the sea in a manner sometimes dangerous to those
venturing in ships. The seas may be described in any of these terms, in order
from least to most disturbed:

 Short   Full          Description
 -----   ----          -----------
 I       glassy        look down and see the sky reflected perfectly.
 II      smooth        not quite perfect, but close.
 III     calm          barely disturbed.
 IV      choppy        irregular, tiny wavelets.
 V       whitecapped   when you see the white caps, you'll know it.
 VI      rough         pretty serious.
 VII     stormy        usually requires a gale.
 VIII    tempestuous   just about as bad as it can get.
 IX      raging        short of Divine action, as BAD as it can get.

Rowing and Seas
Roughness of IV or greater will reduce the speed at which your oarsmen
are able to propel your vessel. In VIII or IX seas it is almost useless
to row.


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