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23.23 Voyages

Voyages, also known as "seafaring quests", are a series of eleven diverse
adventures undertaken by a ship and her crew. Invariably these involve a grand
journey on the high seas, venturing forth from island to island, harbour to
harbour, coast to coast, in order to complete the objectives, hear the stories,
and claim the vast rewards at the end.

These are not to be undertaken lightly! The seafaring life can be a long one,
and only the simplest of voyages can be done in a quick jaunt, from a single
harbour to a single harbour. Most are much more diverse and cerebral, involving
several-leg journeys that aim to tell a varied and robust range of stories, in
most cases unfolding as the voyage itself progresses.


Most mainland harbours in Achaea have dockworkers or harbourmasters on hand,
ready to respond to your request for a voyage. With the prospective ship in the
nearby harbour, the captain need only take a stroll up to one of these helpful
souls and say: REQUESTING A VOYAGE FOR SHIP <#>.

Provided the request is made by the captain, the harbourmaster or dockworker
will take a look through their logs and offer one of the available voyages.
Typically this offers the introduction to that voyage's story and the first
clues of how to proceed onwards.

When the denizen's speech is concluded, the quest will then be placed into the
entire crew's QUEST LOG, provided they are on board the ship, and you shall be
ready to set sail!

NOTE: Crewmembers MUST be on board the ship and not at the harbourmaster or
dockworker in order to be given the quest. It is the captain's responsibility 
to relay all relevant information!

NOTE: Not all voyages are available from all harbours. 
      Some are region-specific. Some adhere to the moon phase. Some are only
      available when you've earned your stripes and learned enough of the
      stories (see below). 
      Some are hidden in nooks and crannies about the world, and one might 
      just require you to stumble upon a corked bottle that's washed up with 
      the morning tide. Experimentation and exploration are highly advised!

While almost every voyage can stand alone as its own independent story (short 
or long), there are two particularly challenging and exclusive voyages reserved
for those who have completed enough of the prior selection to have learned 
about them. Finishing these will surely mark you as a sailor of incomparable
calibre among nautical experts!

Once the voyage is underway, the ship and its crew will need to sail to each
destination, follow the clues, complete the tasks, and eventually finish the
quest! This is done using all standard Achaea commands, though beware that some
are intentionally obscure and greatly reward a wide knowledge of the land!

While voyages are a collaborative endeavour, it is the captain who must make
the final 'act' to conclude a voyage, be it the proffering of an item, the
singing of a song, or unlocking a particularly troublesome chest!

When a voyage is concluded, ALL members of the participating crew will be
credited with completion and rewarded accordingly.

NOTE: The crew members must have been present when the voyage was accepted and have the quest in their log to be acknowledged with completion.

All voyages offer greatly increased gold and experience rewards over standard

In addition to the standard rewards, most voyages award pieces from the
SEAFARING talisman set. Pieces are awarded to the captain when the quest is
finished, and these can of course be traded around as desired. The amount of
pieces awarded varies; simple voyages will not yield pieces, others range from
1 piece per ship up to a piece for every member of the crew.