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15.16 Undeath

So you're freshly undead, and you might be thinking to yourself "What should I do?".

Fret not, my rotting friends, for that is why you have this guide.

1) Becoming Undead

The Soulbleed Nexus is said by many foolish living to be a nasty thing, drawing on the deaths of mortals to forge the undead we know and love! Happen to die in the wrong circumstance and you (the player) may find yourself piloting one of the Underworld's Legion.

You are no longer your normal character.

2) Rising in the Legion

Now that you have become a loyal undead you can defend the Underworld's conquest and kill those pesky living. You will be able to wield Undeath as a skill, but you may not have much access to it.

Much like a normal army, the more living you kill the higher in the ranks you will rise. Should you be enthralled again, you may find yourself in a body of much sturdier make and much greater power.

3) Death after Death

Ah, but even the Undead are not immortal. Both your soul and your physical form will crumble when you die, happen to lose all your vitality (or "lives") and you'll return to the pathetic realm of the living. I've heard rumours of some very powerful Undeath skills that will even cost you lives, and some methods to restore them should you desire.

4) Supplies

If you are bereft of curatives, use the PRAY TO THE DEMISE command to restock!

In a more serious tone, the plague of Undeath comes with a few rules and restrictions that players should be aware of as this event unfolds.

* Functionally, the Undead and regular characters are separate. You cannot punish or seek out retribution on a main character for the actions of an Undead. Undead, don't out yourselves if you can avoid it! You'll have so much more fun.

* If you are Undead, you are free to be attacked and slain by any of the living. You can attack anyone within Underworld conquered territory as well as any Dauntless, Marks, and infamous folks.

* Transferring items between an Undead and a living character is not allowed. You should not be able to do this anyway, but if you find some way around it please file a BUG and restrain from doing it. Abuse will lead to administrative punishment.

* You will not be able to access your former self while you are an Undead so be aware that if you QQ you will still be Undead when you return.