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17.1.10 Tournament of the Fang

The Tournament of the Fang is a point-based arena game in which your objective
is to defeat the other participants in combat. Victory over each opponent will
earn the victor points in the tournament. The precise number of points vary
depending on the opponent's current standing in the tournament: if they are
closer to the victor's score or higher, the victor will gain more points
than if the defeated opponent is lower in score. The tournament will run for a
predetermined time period, and the person with the highest score in that time
is declared the winner. 

The major difference in this game is that throughout the arena you will find
many wild creatures roaming about. Upon entering the tournament, each combatant
will receive a bridle that allows them to use the beasts as a mount capable of
fighting by their side. Each of these creatures has its own unique way to
assist in the tournament, with attacks ranging from normal physical damage to
heavily afflicting your foe.

When a warrior is slain in combat, his or her tamed beast will be released 
back into the wild for someone else to try to bridle. Much like the Rampage 
event, the slain combatant will return immediately to the arena to continue the
tournament. He or she will gain 15 seconds of grace upon returning.

BRIDLE <animal>       Tame a wild beast to assist in the tournament.
UNBRIDLE <animal>     Set your tamed beast free.

ARENA SCORES <arena>   See the current tournament standings.

LEAVE TOTF if you wish to hang your head in shame and quit the Tournament of
the Fang early.