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11.7 The Pantheon of Achaea

The Deities who preside over the world of Achaea are known collectively as the
Pantheon, and the Garden of the Gods is Their seat of power.

Aegis,     God of War                   Pandora,     the Wayward Heir
Aurora,    the Lightbringer             Phaestus,    the Smith
Babel,     the God of Oblivion          Prospero,    the God of Wealth
Deucalion, the Righteous Fire           Sartan,      the Malevolent
Gaia,      Goddess of Nature            Scarlatti,   the Great Bard
Lorielan,  the Jade Empress             Twilight,    God of Darkness
Neraeos,   God of the Sea               Valnurana,   Goddess of Sleep & Dreams
Ourania,   Goddess of the Moon          Vastar,      the Skylord

Unrelated to these Gods and Goddesses is Tlalaiad, the Genesis.