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6.25 The Dynamic Achaean MAP


For Web-Based Maps

The MAP of Achaea
With the MAP command you can see your current locale in a glance - your
location plus neighbouring locations as well, with some hints of how they are
connected and what might be in some locations (such as a shop or news room).

How to See the Map


If you're in a place that has been mapped, you'll see the location you're in
and, depending on your MAP RADIUS, maybe some nearby locations as well. You may
increase your radius as high as five. Try:


You can put any value 1-5. 1 isn't much of a map! Smaller numbers are faster,
so that's a consideration, especially for some slower clients.

To turn on the map permanently, you may CONFIG MAPSHOW ON.

What Do All the Symbols Mean?
Most of the symbols you see should be clear. Here is a key anyhow:

   +   Your position       
  [ ]  A location

  [$]  Bank                   [<]  In exit
  [H]  Harbour                [>]  Out exit
  [N]  Newsroom               [^]  Up exit
  [P]  Post Office            [_]  Down exit
  [S]  Shop                   [=]  Up and Down exits
  [@]  Wilderness Entrance    [x]  Combination of the above

Any other line out of a location, such as -, /, |, or \, is
an exit going north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest,
west, or northwest from that place.

What are All These Colours?
Variations in colour are related to various aspects of the location or the
environment of the place.

Colour    Description        Environment
  1       Dark Red           *Any Private home, Mountains
  2       Dark Green         Forest, Swamp, Trees
  3       Dark Yellow/Brown  *Road, *Path, Hills, Shipboard
  4       Dark/Royal Blue    Ocean, River, Lake
  5       Dark Magenta       *Any org-owned building, Valley
  6       Grey Blue / Teal   Path, Road
  7       Plain White        Blighted, Ruins, Tundra
  8       Grey               Underground, Sewers, Catacombs
  9       Bright Red         Magma Caves
 10       Bright Green       Jungle, Grasslands
 11       Bright Yellow      Beach, Desert, Garden
 12       Bright Purple      Reef
 13       Bright Magenta     Urban/Cities
 14       Bright Blue/Cyan   Skies
 15       Bright White       Polar

(* anything marked with a * overrides other values, if conflicting)

What if There's a Connection that Doesn't Seem to Go Anywhere?
You may be at the border between two maps, or whatever is beyond the connection
may be something special, like a mansion inside a city. Either way, just step
across the border to see more. It is probably a good idea to GLANCE first to 
see what you are getting into.

What if There's No Map?
We haven't mapped everything - only about one hundred and thirty areas! That is
probably about half of all the places that could be mapped. Most places that
are not on the main continent of Sapience have not been mapped yet. Just about
everything on a different plane has not been mapped yet.

We'll get to it. It should be a fairly short time before it's all done and
ready. Hang on!

What if There Shouldn't Be a Map?
We don't plan to map private homes, hidden/secret exits, or mazes. Probably a
few more things won't be mapped either, though those would be the big ones.

If you see such a place mapped, or some other place that probably shouldn't be
mapped, feel free to file a bug report about it (something like BUG the room
I'm standing in is mapped, and probably shouldn't be because it's in a maze).

Other Details
The MAP command is not forceable.
You can set MAP WIDTH and MAP HEIGHT separately, rather than RADIUS.
Yes, you can see the MAP even when blind.
There is no known affliction that perturbs or affects what you see on a map.
Bad weather in an area can prevent the map from showing.