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9.84 Sublimation

To accept the immutability of fundamental forces is to accept the status quo. 

No right thinking man or woman could countenance such.

The first boon offered by the Genesis, earned by the bravery of Hashan's
leadership in 798 AF, the oft-whispered of Wellspring beneath the city is no
longer a locked and guarded secret, but remains guarded nonetheless.

The Alchemists who dare to experiment with the residual power of the ancient
Protean star have cast off the limiting truths presented by the Cauda Pavonis
and tread paths of study never walked before.
Students of the field of Sublimation typically work within three broad schools:
Manipulation, Substantiation, and Alignment. Drawing upon the great Wellspring
of energy beneath the city of Hashan to enact their workings, masters of these
schools are terrible to behold.
Manipulation operates upon bending fundamental forces to ones will, be those
concrete forces such as gravity or the more abstract forces such as probability.
Alternatively, those that study under Substantiation are not content with simply
altering the world around them. Indeed, they bend their attentions to a far more
concerning line of study: that of imposing their own sense of reality over what
already exists. To be a master of Substantiation is to see the world as it is
and find it wanting.
Finally, the school of Alignment holds itself as the greatest of the three
schools, for they do not waste unnecessary effort on altering their environment.
Instead, their studies focus on aligning events just so as to ensure that their
victory is inevitable. Though most students pride themselves on subtlety, a
master of this field is far from.

Alchemists of Sapience have diverged into two distinct paths. The traditional
alchemical practice of Formulation and the field of Sublimation. You may select
your field once every 24 hours to swap between the two.
** ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE: Sublimation is controlled by the City of Hashan. If you
are an enemy, might be an enemy, or have hostile intent against this
organisation we strongly advise against selecting this as your field. They can
and will remove your ability to functionally utilise this skill.