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6.8.8 Resolutions and Mementoes

Available on the 1st of each month (OOC), you can claim a resolution! These can
be used to help motivate you to achieve lofty goals, try something new, or to
push you just that little bit further in your daily activities!

RESOLUTION LIST                 - Show the list of possible resolutions.
RESOLUTION STATUS               - Show the status of your claimed resolutions.
RESOLUTION SHOW <resolutionID>  - Show the details of a particular resolution.
RESOLVE TO <resolutionID>       - Claim a resolution!*

* Claiming resolutions can only be done on the OOC first day of the month. You
cannot claim resolutions of the same type. Resolutions will not retroactively
award for previous achievements.

Completing resolutions awards mementoes of resolve. You can visit Tinker
Drucker in Petra to spend these!

To purchase an item, GIVE GROUP MEMENTO TO DRUCKER. Make sure this group
is the full cost of the item. (See HELP GROUPING)

The following items are for sale, note that all of these items (save the hornet
and the talismans) will decay eventually. These cannot be customised due to
their special effects.

a delicate ash wood plaque -- 4 mementoes
   Similar to wax tablets for sale in Lothos, this item can be mounted (via
   PUSH) in your subdivision home and PULLed to be removed. You may TOUCH it
   to write a message of your choice to be displayed, and SHAKE it to remove
   the message!

Yearn, a soulfinding dagger -- 6 mementoes
   This item functions similarly to the relic Soulfinder, though only holding
   a single soul. You may SLICE <corpse> WITH YEARN, and subsequently may
   SOULFIND <adventurer>.

a pocketbelt -- 8 mementoes
   Crafted for the carrying of vials, this modified pocketbelt makes for
   easy carrying both curatives and Seasone's special flasks close at hand,
   while still allowing you to sip from them at a moment's notice.

a ruby-studded pipe -- 10 mementoes
   This pipe has a distinctive appearance, as well as holding 15 puffs rather
   than the normal 10!

a commendation of the damned -- 12 mementoes
   TOUCHing this commendation will allow you to champion one of the Underworld
   political factions, ensuring all your denizen kills contribute to their
   NOTE: This is destroyed upon use and a new one must be obtained to change 
   your attunement.
   NOTE: These cannot be preserved and have a standard 60 Achaean month

a captivating flower maiden figurehead -- 16 mementoes
   In addition to her distinctive appearance, this figurehead has special
   interactions if PUSHed or PULLed!

an ornate winged helm -- 17 mementoes
   This helm may be worn in addition to any normal armour, and provides
   an extra 5% to both cutting and blunt physical damage protection.

a tome of the Muses -- 20 mementoes
   This tome is empty when first obtained, but can be added to with pages
   of either resplendent or aged vellum. Each page unlocks a new power, and 
   further information of the Muses of Scarlatti.
      - Resplendent pages are permanent once added and are obtained 
        through giftbags.
      - Aged pages are obtained by completing the Margam or Icosse Tower
        forays, and decay after a period of fifteen real days.
      - See HELP TOME OF MUSES for a full breakdown of powers the tome
        offers - of which there are twenty in total!

a giant hornet -- 25 mementoes
   This beast is a legendary, flying mount! Enough said!

an imperial cuirass -- 30 mementoes
   As the winged helm, this may also be worn in addition to normal armour,
   and provides an extra 5% resistance to both cutting and blunt physical

a deck of mystical cards -- 50 mementoes
   These decks are used to hold the mystical cards of Achaean Legends obtained
   via promotions (HELP PROMO ITEMS), or traded by other players.
   Use the LEGENDDECK syntax for the full command set!

platinum fairy wings -- 65 mementoes
   While they have a distinctive appearance, these wings function as Eagle's
   wings, taking the wearer to the Skies when uttering the magic word

   The following talisman pieces are available, contributing to the following

   Name: a floating tapestry of pristine vellum
   Keyword: tapestry
   Brief: "This tapestry tells of a race's doom"
    (1) a piece of aged vellum, level 1         -- 125 mementoes
    (1) an onyx pedestal, level 1               -- 130 mementoes
    (1) the rollers for a tapestry, level 1     -- 135 mementoes
    (1) the claw from a shadow dragon, level 1  -- NOT FOR SALE, this must be
                                                    won from the shadow dragon!