Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.

1.15 New Adventurer Introduction

Once upon a time, all newcomers to Achaea participated in an adventure known
as the Trial of Rebirth. This linear introduction has now been replaced by a
two-part adventure known as Escape from Miba & the Cultist's Conspiracy!

I. Commands you can use any time in the introductory adventure.
II. Helpful information.
III. Frequently Asked Questions


HINT            - Repeat the hint for your current stage.

NEWBIEON        - If you need help from a live person, you can turn the 
                  newbie channel on with NEWBIEON then ask for help.
NEWBIE <text>   - Once you've turned the newbie channel on, you can speak
                  over it with the NEWBIE command. For example:
                        newbie Help, I'm horribly lost!

QW              - See a list of who is in the realms: Quick Who

TELL ROMEO <text>  - If you see a yellow name "Juliet" or "Romeo" in the QW
                  list, that means an official newbie Guide is online. You
                  can speak with them if you need to using TELL.

ANSIOFF         - Turn ansi colour off. Because many clues for how to proceed
                  use colour, this is NOT recommended!
ANSION          - See in glorious ansi colour again!

QQ/QUIT         - Goodbye!
STOP            - After you type QQ or QUIT, there is a short delay before 
                  your character is disconnected. If you enter STOP during
                  this time, the quit process will be interrupted.


In "Escape from Miba" you will learn the basic commands you'll need to begin 
your adventures in Achaea, such as how to move around, how to get information 
about items and people, how to manipulate items (put, get, et cetera), and more. 

Hints are given at every stage where you need to input a command to
continue. Sometimes, you'll see a TIP instead, when some helpful information
is given that you do NOT need to act on.

There are several computer-controlled guides you will meet in the Trial.
When they speak to you, keywords for commands they are trying to teach you
will be highlighted in white, whereas the rest of their text will be blue.
If you do not have ansi colour on, you may not benefit from this.

"Escape from Miba" introduces you to Achaea via a guided, interactive,
story-tour. Because it is an introductory tutorial, it is linear and simple.
You are given clear instructions on where to go, and what to do, every step
of the way. 

Don't be fooled - this is not what the rest of Achaea is like! Achaea after
the tutorial is EXTREMELY freeform and complex! So much so, in fact, that it
can be bewildering if you enter it right away without knowing the basic
commands. Once you complete the tutorial, you will have an incredible array of 
choices you can make, steps you can take, goals you can set, things you can 
do. The tutorial will give you a starting point, a frame of reference, and a 
basic toolset to begin your adventures. 

Enjoy, and welcome to Achaea!


Q. If I quit in the pygmy dungeons, what happens when I return? Do I need to
A. Your progress will be saved automatically. You will return at the point
   you left! But try to return within 24 hours - you need to complete the 
   tutorial to register your character, and unregistered characters are often