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4.4.6 Multiclass

What is Multiclass?
Multiclass is a way for an adventurer who has displayed mastery of their
primary profession to expand their horizons and learn additional classes! 

Each additional class is self-contained, meaning that it has to be switched to,
and deactivates any of the previous class's skills, defences, and effects.

How do I gain additional classes?
To gain an additional class, you will need an available class slot. These slots
are granted at level 80, level 100, and then every 10 levels after that. 

Should you not wish to wait until the next (or the first!) level threshold, you
may purchase an additional slot for 250 bound credits. Simply CLASS BUY SLOT to
unlock one.

Once you have a slot, you will be able to visit Certimene, in Delos, and ASK
CERTIMENE GAIN <class> (see the section below on limits for further details on
gaining classes).

How do I switch between classes?
Switching between classes is simple: CLASS SWITCH <class name|slot#>, and your
skills and traits will be switched out to the new profession!

By default, one can change professions once every 12 Achaean days (12 RL
hours), but this time can be reduced in the following ways:
- Obtaining an artefact to reduce this time.
- If one reaches 5 additional classes, they will receive the benefit of the
  class change artefact one level greater than they currently have. Should 
  they already have the top artefact, changing classes will incur no 

What things change/remain when I change class?
Things that change:
- Class skills.
- Traits (Adventurers get a set of traits per class slot).
- Racial specialisation (Adventurers get a racial specialisation per class
- Defences and beneficial effects on other adventurers.
- Class loyals are dismissed.
- Class/specialisation-based proficiencies (but they're saved for when you
  switch back).

Things that stay the same:
- Health, mana, endurance, willpower.
- Base racial statistics.
- Karma/Devotion/Essence/Rage.
- Regular learned weapon proficiencies.
- General skills, mini skills, and trade skills.
- Customisations on class loyals

How do I change one of my additional classes?
You can do this in one of two ways:
- Switch to your desired class and QUIT CLASS.
- CLASS FORGET <class> will allow you to forget a class without switching to

Normal refunds of lessons apply to additional classes, with embraced
individuals receiving 50% of their invested lessons, and journeymen getting

What are the limits on gaining and switching between classes?
1) Gaining classes
- Normal org restrictions on classes apply, one can not gain a class that is
  disallowed by their city.
- Heavily-aligned classes are mutually exclusive within their roleplay sphere.
  For example: an adventurer can not be both a necromancer and a devotion user,
  or an occultist and a forestal class. A forestal classed adventurer could
  pick another class within the nature faction though.
- An adventurer must have reached transcendent in all of their lower slot class
  skills before being able to gain their next class.

2) Switching classes
- Class may not be switched within 8 minutes of any hostile action, both by
  you or to you.
- Classes may not be switched in an enemy city.
- Beneficial effects to other adventurers are lost when switching class (Runes,
  blessings etc.).

Lesson costs
With the burden of trying to keep multiple classes in your head, it becomes
increasingly difficult to master new abilities. For each class you've learned,
the effectiveness of lessons diminishes, requiring more lessons to advance in
skill rank. 

Here's a brief rundown of the increasing costs:

Class                Lessons to transcendent
Primary class        1738 lessons per skill
2nd class            2500 lessons per skill
3rd class            3335 lessons per skill
4th class+           5000 lessons per skill