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19.10.26 Logosmas Stockings

Each December in Achaea, stockings are available in celebration of Logosmas!

These are hung up and filled overnight by the jolly and magnanimous Ironbeard!

Stockings come in four varieties: Logosmas, Fancy, Grand, and Extravagant, with each subsequent tier yielding greater prizes and rewards than the one before it.

   - Hang a stocking up for yourself, and it will be filled with a prize on the next new day!

   - Hang up a stocking for another adventurer, either openly or anonymously. The lucky recipient will then be able to open it once Ironbeard has been!

   - See all of your stockings at a glance.

   - Once filled, open your stocking for the regular stocking prize lists below!
   - These are consumed once the contents have been removed.

Gold and platinum stockings are special and fill up only on Christmas and New Year's Day, respectively!

Each stocking has a target value, and we have a number of prize pools at different credit thresholds. Your stocking will pick an item from the bracket it falls into by stocking type, and if your stocking's target value has some credit value leftover after your bigger prize has been added, this will be filled from prizes at lower credit thresholds.

A Logosmas Stocking - Base Intended Credit Value: 16
   Group of 5 lucrescent nuts, small clay chip, top hat, elixirs from the Shop of Wonders, pieces for the Logosmas and Wanderers talisman sets.

A Fancy Stocking - Base Intended Credit Value: 40
   Small clay chip, Mayan crowns, artefact pipes, minipet collection caches, phials of shimmering ink, artefact vials, legenddeck sleeves, gaudy golden candycanes, handfuls of sparkling snow*, plus items in the above listing if intended value is not reached.
A Grand Stocking - Base Intended Credit Value: 150
   Fire pendant, rose thorn, ledolian surcoat, dragonskin quiver, wyrmskin pack, focussing lens, Prosperian attractor, goggles of whitesight, incandescent sigil, pieces for the Logosmas and Wanderers talisman sets if you open for talismans plus items in the above listings above if intended value is not reached.

An Extravagant Stocking - Base Intended Credit Value: 550
   Eagle's wings, gem of transmutation, wand of portals, greater stone of wonder, buckawn's amulet, Aldar diadem, bracers of frost, wand of reflection, prismatic ring, Shield of Absorption, lesser lorewarden shard, ranger's bow, mayan bracelets, lesser stone of wonder, hunter's belt, explorer's tome, lasallian lyre, staff of illusion, armband of celerity, anklet of dashing, anake's hood, mithril spurs, deep red boomerang, pieces for the Logosmas and Wanderers talisman sets if you open for talismans, plus items in the above listings above if intended value is not reached.

There is also a small chance of getting a veil or one of a selection of level 3 statistic artefacts in place of the standard prizes in the extravagant stockings.

The base intended credit value is the absolute minimum that the contents of a stocking will be worth, each stocking can definitely be worth more than this amount.

There is a tier 5, but prizes in this category are only attainable via bonus stockings and the special golden and platinum stockings that fill on Christmas and New Year's Day, respectively!

These can contain any of the prizes from tiers 1-4, but also items like the wand of portals, gems of transmutation, and more.

These high tier prizes are guaranteed if your gold or platinum stocking is an extravagant one!

In addition to all of this, gems for the Sceptre of Environments will be awarded as extra prizes that do not count against your stocking's value. See HELP ENVIRONMENT SCEPTRE for all commands and syntaxes!
Regular stockings have a chance to give 1 gem, all fancy stockings are guaranteed to contain a gem, grand stockings will hold 4 or more gems, and extravagant will open for 16 or more gems!

Once again: these gems do not affect the prize value of the stocking.

Some notes:
- Logosmas stockings yield the lowest number of talisman pieces and tend to be less valuable (you can still roll big pieces on these, they're just less common than higher tiers).
- Fancy are basically better Logosmas ones. Higher chance at more talisman pieces, better pieces come up more often.
- Grand stockings roll more talisman pieces and if you roll low end pieces will roll additional ones to compensate. They also have a flat chance to guarantee a high end piece, but best to consider those a bonus when they come up given that its not a sure thing.
- Extravagant stockings guarantee you two high end talisman pieces no matter what, and roll you more pieces after those are awarded.
- High end pieces will be pieces from the 1000 credits and up value talismans.
- Clay chips are able to be won in stockings, these also now tradein for UNBOUND credits.
- Artefacts that are found in stockings (where appropriate) will be the special candycane versions from the LOGOSMAS SHOP.
- Stocking purchases DO give credits to the city if the purchaser belongs to one.
- A gaudy gold candycane has a credit value of 50 credits, can be traded in, and when used (BREAK CANDYCANE OVER <artefact>) will turn a matching artefact into its Logosmas shop version.
- The sparkling handful of snow has been added to the stocking prize pool. This has a functional credit value of 50 credits and will turn a/an ring, bracelet, pair of boots, pair of wings, earring, pendant, shield, set of robes, suit of armour, cloak into a special Logosmas version of itself! PUSH SNOW <itemID>. This item can be traded in via the promo tradein command and can be traded to other players.