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11.8.9 Eris, Goddess of Chaos

On the 4th of Scarlatan, 190 years after the fall of the Selucarian Empire, an
Occultist known as Servelan de Vermiis completed a vastly intricate experiment
by summoning forth across time and space the Unnamable Horror, a being of pure
Chaos that had died aeons ago. The unexpected result of this experiment was
that the Unnamable Horror merged with Servelan finally resulting in the birth
of Eris, Goddess of Chaos. As Eris' realm includes all matters of chaos,
confusion and discord, others often find Her extremely fickle, unpredictable,
mischievous and scattered. She delights in intrigue and plots, favouring those
who show an uncommon aptitude in disrupting the establishment. Despite Her dark
beginnings, She is not necessarily a vindictive or evil goddess, though She
admits She can be bitchy at times. Her symbol is a golden apple.

In the year 476 A.F., Eris, Goddess of Chaos masterminded a grand plot to
restore Babel and drain His essence, using the sudden burst of power to propel
Herself through time to the moment when the Horror entered Creation. From
there, She departed through the rift that it had opened, never to return.