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Crusades pit Order against Order in a fight to steal/protect a God's essence in
order to gain access to special miracles.

How Do I Start A Crusade?
Once an order has collected enough order essence, a sufficiently ranked member
of said order can stand at the master shrine on the Prime Material Plane, and

This will drain that order of 4000000 essence and initiate a crusade. 

Initiating a crusade will start a countdown of twenty four hours, with a
reminder at twelve.

A Crusade Is Happening, What Do I Do?
Once the crusade begins order members may TOUCH their God's Master Shrine on
the Prime Material Plane in order to access the Plane of Nishnatoba. All
followers will be taken along for the ride.

Any person may now TOUCH any shrine in their home city to enter Nishnatoba
during a crusade, provided that they are not a personal enemy of the order that
it belongs to.

Once upon Nishnatoba, the crusading order will need to locate the Master Shrine
for the god they wish to attack and a member with sufficient rank can BESEECH
<their god> FOR DEGRADATION.

Degradation will drain the essence from the targeted shrine.

Over the next hour, splinters of the stolen divine essence will fall all across
Nishnatoba. Anyone in a Divine Order may collect said essence.

Members of the order whose shrine has been degraded can GATHER ESSENCE.

Everyone else must SUBVERT ESSENCE. Gathering is faster than subverting.

Once you have essence you may RELINQUISH ESSENCE at any True Master Shrine.

If relinquishing to the order being attacked, this will strengthen the shrine.
If relinquished to anyone else, that essence will now belong to the order. 

ORDER ESSENCE will show all of the essence that your order has stolen, broken
down by the god it was claimed from.

A crusade will end either after three hours or once all essence is
relinquished. Everyone will be moved off the Plane of Nishnatoba at conclusion,
and for those that log out there (though you should not be doing this, it is a
lawless plane) you will be moved off the Plane on logging back in, assuming a
crusade is not active.

I Need To Leave Nishnatoba, HELP!
If you need to leave Nishnatoba during a crusade, you can locate and ENTER the
shining portal found at the central ring of pillars.

How Do I See The Status Of A Crusade?
CRUSADE STATUS at anytime will note any ongoing crusade and the status of said
crusade. Only one crusade can be underway at a time.

My Shrine Was Degraded!
If your patron's True Master Shrine is damaged, you will find that certain
things become limited. If it is below 10% empowerment, you will be unable to
raise shrines at all. Below 50%, you will be unable to perform greater

Shrines do fix themselves on their own after a crusade resolves (a small amount
each Achaean day), but it is very possible to find yourselves lacking some of
your greatest weapons at a critical moment.

My Order Has Stolen Essence!
Great! You can use this to perform some new Greater Miracles. These miracles
drain exclusively stolen essence, and are:

Benediction: resurrect a fallen order member. That order member's soul must
stand at the shrine. There is an internal cooldown on this miracle.

Fervour: This miracle increases the potency of all other offensive shrine
powers, and grants a custom order-themed deathsight to all members of the

Veneration: This order miracle empowers all members of the order that are
dragons, granting them:
* A custom dragon description, themed for the order.*
* A critical hit bonus in areas your order holds sovereignty over.

Elevation: the greatest of the order miracles (and incredibly expensive to
match!), raise a member of your order as a Divine Avatar. This requires a
gathered 500000 stolen essence minimum, but will consume the entire stolen
essence reserve of the order. The more essence that is available, the longer
this status will last.
- Avatars are not open PK.
- Avatars have high base stats.
- They may wear things, including artefacts.
- They may utilise fast travel.
- They do not have access to avatar miracles.
- They may enact lesser order miracles from anywhere, without the use of the
shrine. Greater miracles (such as worldburn) still require a shrine.
- Their status is not stripped upon dying.
- Their essence reserves will naturally decay over time, and once they are
expended the Avatar shall lose their status.

* Custom dragon messages and deathsights are disabled by default. In order to
gain them, you must CONFIG ORDERMESSAGES ON. This is to allow people to hide
membership in a given order for cases where this may be desired.

Just The Commands
BESEECH <your god> FOR CRUSADE      - Enact a Crusade
BESEECH <your god> FOR DEGRADATION  - Attack an enemy master shrine
                                    - Enacting order only
GATHER ESSENCE                      - Gather splinters
                                    - Degraded order only
SUBVERT ESSENCE                     - Gather splinters
RELINQUISH ESSENCE                  - Relinquish essence at a shrine
ORDER ESSENCE                       - Status of gathered essence
CRUSADE STATUS                      - Status of an ongoing crusade
CONFIG ORDERMESSAGES ON/OFF         - Enable/Disable the customisations given
                                      by the Fervour and Veneration miracles.