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10.8.3 Conquest

With your city's spirit summoned, you are now poised to lead them out beyond the gates and walls of their home and conquer other areas!

During your next Eidolic Phase (see HELP EIDOLIC INFLUENCE) an aide to the Ministry of Defence or a City Leader can visit your city's "spark keeper" and request a beacon. 

Your city will only be able to request one beacon every 3 OOC days (approx), and these decay quite quickly when not in use.

You will then take this beacon to an area adjacent to your home city, or to an area adjacent to an area you have already conquered. (geographically and pathing adjacent.)
    - Adjacent means both geographically and via pathing. If you cannot move into that area via normal movement (north/east/southwest/up/in/etc) from the area you are standing in, it is not considered adjacent.
    - This adjacent area can be unconquered, or it can be conquered by another state in the case where you wish to challenge another's hold.
    - Some rare areas on Sapience may be unconquerable for their own reasons!

BEACON RAISE in a location that is available to be conquered to begin a 3 minute countdown, prepare your defence. 

Once raised, the beacon will be attuned to your city and a fight period of 1.5 Achaean days will begin. 

Other cities can challenge you during this and use BEACON ATTUNE to claim your beacon for themselves, you can use BEACON ATTUNE to claim it right back if they manage it!

This is a channeled command that must be done in the same room as the beacon.

Periodically the beacon's attunement will increase.

BEACON STATUS will give details on the current attunement and the beacon's location.

When a beacon's attunement reaches maximum:
  - If the attunement is to the city who raised the beacon, and is ready to conquer, the area will be conquered in their name.
  - If the attunement is to the city who initially held the area prior to the beacon being raised, the area remains in their control.
  - If the attunement is to another city who does not have their influence spread to the borders of this area, then the area will remain in its original state.
  - If the attunement is not to the city who raised the beacon, but is to a city who is also adjacent and poised to conquer then one of two things will happen. 
    + If the area is in the attuned city's doctrine it will fall under their influence.
    + If it is not in the attuned city's doctrine it will remain in its original state, but the attuned city will gain bonus spirit.
When a beacon is raised, all in the area are liable to be attacked, those attempting to raise the beacon should be ready to defend it. 

This is not a bountyable or contractable period UNLESS the area is mutually allied to an organisation attempting to conquer, if so bounties may be filed.

If the Eidolic Phase ends while you are attempting to conquer an area, your attempt will end in failure.

Fighting in an area with an active beacon will not generate infamy.

   - Used by the city leader or Defence minister in the war room, makes all territory they hold unconquerable or liberatable for the next 48 hours. 
   - You must have a beacon available to use this, and it will prevent you from requesting a beacon during your next 4 phases.

The availability of your beacons and countdown to your next phase can be viewed with CITY SPIRIT STATUS.