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10.15 City Fonts

Within each of the six city-states of Achaea can be found an artefact of great power, known as a font. Most were created during the War of the Divine Child; these fonts bestow many benefits to their cities, helping protect them from forces both mundane and supernatural.

The fonts are: 
   - The Weave of Conflict in Ashtan.
   - The Unending Spring in Cyrene.
   - The Cauldron of Infinity in Eleusis.
   - The Fontis in Hashan.
   - The Heart of Caizhel in Mhaldor.
   - The Flames of the Dawn in Targossas.

As the years pass, researchers continue to discover the mysterious ways in which these relics function. Currently they can be used to:
   - Summon a powerful city guardian to rally and reinforce city guards (HELP GUARDIANS).
   - Cause the font to radiate powerful auras to aide in the displacement of enemies (see below).

Empowering a font
Those with the necessary rank in the city's military (specifically, rank 4 or above) may EMPOWER FONT <power>, using one of the following options:

   - WEAKEN : A compounding affliction that increases the amount of damage an enemy takes.
              NOTE: Raiders may SANCTION RAID to immediately declare a sanctioned raid in a city whose font is empowered with weaken, bypassing any kill requirements.
   - QUAKE  : Send powerful tremors through the earth, disrupting the propping of totems.
   - DECAY  : Influence the very fabric of time, reducing the life of any persistent room effects such as devotional rites, crystalline vibrations, necromantic hands of the grave, and a bard's harmonics.
   - SENSE  : Shows the location of everyone within the city, and whether they are a citizen, a neutral party, or an enemy.
              NOTE: while this bypasses most forms of hiding, it does NOT bypass forms that render the user incorporeal such as black wind, phasing, or spiritwalk. 

Restoring a font's power
The benefits of these relics come at a cost: their pools of energy are reduced when activated. Restoring this energy involves the hunting of special creatures, intrinsically linked to the fonts of power, called eidolons. To fuel a font, the corpses of these eidolons must be placed within the confines of the font, drawing their energies into the very core of the relic.

Because each type of eidolon was created from a particular city font, eidolons will not empower the font with which they are linked. These are the eidolons and the cities in which their corresponding fonts are found:
   - Things of Chaos (Ashtan).
   - Mountain Drakes (Cyrene).
   - Flower Maidens (Eleusis).
   - Black Lamassu (Hashan).
   - Hideous Abominations (Mhaldor).
   - Diminutive Fairies (Targossas).

Members of the Defence ministry and high ranking army members can check their city's font power levels with CITY FONT STATUS.