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What is a Champion?
Champions are members of the Ivory Mark, an organisation dedicated to helping
to avenge those who are unable to do it themselves. The headquarters of the
Ivory Mark is located in a tower in the Sangre Plains, but many members are
adventurers who make their homes in the various city-states of the realm. A
Champion is an avenging combatant who enters into a contract with an adventurer
to slay his or her enemies.

Contracting a Champion
Assuming you have sufficient IC justification for slaying another adventurer
(See HELP PK), you may contract a champion as such:

REQUEST CHAMPION FOR <target> [AT <amount> GOLD] <reason>

You may only do this in the presence of an established contractor for the Ivory
Mark. These cowled individuals can be found in the drinking establishments of
most cities, as well as the Brass Lantern Inn.

The price of any contract starts at 5000 gold, and may be modified based upon
any public positions they may have. Organisational leaders and other higher-
profile adventurers will require a higher fee. To impress upon the Champion the
importance of the contract, you may specify an optional higher fee. A variable
portion of the fee will be taken by the Ivory Mark organisation, then, if the
contract has been placed by an individual, half of the Champion's cut will be
returned to the filer of the contract, the rest will be awarded to the Champion.

Your reason must be a very clear, brief statement: it will be seen by the
target and is viewable by the administration in the event of a dispute. A good
reason might be "Attacking me in Jaru on the 29th of Sarapin". Using this to
make insults against the victim is forbidden, and will result in administrative
punishment regardless of the context.

You can have up to 10 contracts in the system at any one time.

Contract Assignments
Once a Champion is requested, the contract will be placed on the contract board
for the Ivory Mark, and all Champions will be informed that a new contract is
available to be claimed.

A contract may be claimed with CONTRACT CLAIM <contract number> while standing
at the contract board, which is located in the Ivory Tower in the Sangre
Plains. A Champion can only claim one contract every 24 Achaean days, although
if they prove skilled and fulfill a contract, this cooldown is reset.

Order writs, when yielded to the system, will also be placed upon the board.
These writs will have an exclusivity window of 1 Achaean month (only visible to
members of that order) before it becomes available for all Champions.

A few notes regarding Order contracts:
1. Champions taking contracts for their own Order will not lose Mark ranking for
failing a contract.
2. Champions completing contracts for their own Order will receive additional
Divine essence in their completion bonus.
3. Champions completing contracts for Orders other than their own will receive
Mark ranking as normal.

If you are a Champion and claim a contract, you must fulfill it within the time
frame of 30 months, or die trying. If the time expires or you are killed by the
target, the contract is failed and your standing in the mark will decrease (see
"Standing with the Ivory Mark" below).

Joining the Ivory Mark
In order to join the Mark, you must find Atlantia in the Sangre Plains and JOIN
IVORY MARK. Doing so costs 20000 gold. You must be at least level 60 and 21
years of age.

You will then be a registered Champion. You may not quit the organisation until
approximately 12 Achaean months have elapsed since joining.

While a member of the Ivory Mark, you are open to being attacked by anyone at
any time; your membership is considered sufficient in-character justification.

Members of The Quisalis or Ivory organisations earn 25% of their experience deficit back (provided they have one) per kill. This is not cumulative with other experience deficit bonuses.

Quitting the Ivory Mark
In order to quit the Mark, you must QUIT IVORY MARK.

Standing with the Ivory Mark
Completion or failure of a contract will influence your standing in the Ivory
Mark. Higher rank brings with it many advantages, such as a higher payout per
contract completion and more prestige.

The Champion with the highest reputation gains a unique HONOURS line and
deathsight for as long as he or she is in that position.

Negative reputation (due to repeatedly failing contracts) will result in the
Mark withholding more of the contract fee. Letting a contract lapse will result
in a far higher reputation loss than a failed attempt.