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1.14 About hacking of your adventurer

(see also: HELP PASSWORD)

By hacking, we mean when someone steals, guesses, or otherwise obtains access
to your adventurer's password or account.

Failed Login Attempts
The message you get about failed login attempts is not always hacking:
sometimes it's just someone who is curious, perhaps to see if a name is being
used, or perhaps has even typoed the name. Nearly every adventurer sees this
message a few times and it is usually nothing to worry about.

In any event, when you see the message about failed login attempts, please
don't immediately ISSUE! Just make sure your password is secure. See below for
suggestions on how to help with that.

Password Security
The security of your accounts for all of your adventurers is your concern and
your sole responsibility. You choose the password, and it is your job to
protect it! We don't want you to be hacked, or to lose your character, so here
are a few ideas on how to reduce the chance of hacking and protect your

1) Never tell your password to anyone.

2) Don't write your password down where anybody else can find it.

3) Use a password that is difficult to guess. Use letters, numbers, AND special
characters. Don't just use a name or common words.
   Good: this:is?agood1
   Bad:  johndavis

4) Don't have your mud/telnet client save your adventurer's password if there
is ANY chance that someone else might use your machine.

5) Make sure that your registration on the adventurer is accurate. If there is
ever any problem with your account, you must be able to identify yourself. The
only way to identify yourself is to give your real world name, birthdate, and
email, with adventurer name. If you can't do that, then we won't be sure that
you are the rightful owner of the adventurer.

6) In cases where failed login attempts happen more than a few times, you may
wish to email your full, proper registration information to,
who can record it separately in case of a successful hack, and can record the
internet addressing information of the failed login attempts.

(see also: HELP PASSWORD)