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8.2.10 The Heartwood Kin

Steadfast and dedicated to Nature, the Heartwood Kin is an assembly of forestal 
guardians who strive to nurture and nourish the natural world. They seek to 
discover Nature's mysteries through careful observation and action, thus 
furthering mortalkind's ability to live in harmony with the ever-changing
seasons. And, like the roots of a mighty oak, growing deep and strong to
support the tree's many branches, so do the Heartwood Kin desire to strengthen 
the foundations of Eleusis with wisdom and understanding.

Possessing an unequivocal bond with Nature, it is the Heartwood Kin who hold
dear the traditions of old, tending to the very roots of all that Nature is,
was, and has the potential to become. It is they who devote their lives to its 
conservation, ensuring the continuation of the highest blessing: Nature's bounty. 
Those who dare threaten their charge face the wrath of the whole, as they drive 
defilers into an unforgiving, earthen tomb.

Delving into primordial mysteries woven throughout the world, the Heartwood Kin 
eschew the unturned stone. Through the relentless acquisition of knowledge and 
tireless exploration, they seek to unveil the myriad elements of Nature. Walkers 
amongst the beasts, sages of the flora, and savants of the earth... to them, 
each and every aspect of Nature is interconnected, existing as a vast, elaborate 
nexus that ties together all sentient life.