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8.2.5 The Savants of the Wheel

Unfettered by the boundaries of the present day, the Savants of the
Wheel stare intently into the future. If Ashtan is to ascend, it will be
the Savants planning when and how. Uninterested in the mundane
day-to-day activities of mortals, they spend their time studying and
preparing for their eventual ascension to the Chaos Court. No sacrifice
is too great if it is made in the name of advancement, and with an
unnerving jubilance, they give their minds and bodies to their studies.
Though twisted and warped inside and out, the Savants do not amass this
wealth of knowledge for their own sake, but rather the sake of their
Ashtani brethren. Through tireless study and reckless abandon, they will
see the false trappings of the world undone, and Ashtan, Seat of Chaos, will
stand tall upon the ruins.