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8.2.4 The Esoteric Consortium

The end of the war for the Infernal Throne found Ashtan lying in ruins
from the long siege of Golgotha that pitted the city against endless hordes of
entities and the Spawn of the Unnamable Horror itself. With the alliance
to Imperator Glaaki and his Court officially declared in the Ruinous
Accords, the citizens finally banded together under a common banner of
Chaos. That is when the Esoteric Consortium was born.

Understanding that dominance is not solely won at the edge of a blade,
and leaving that in the hands of the Nemesian Vanguard, members of the
Consortium lay the strong foundations to ultimate power. They constantly
plan and prepare with a cold-eyed practicality, ready to respond to any
contingency. To the Esoteric Consortium, everything and everyone has a
price, and anything not currently held by the Seat of Chaos is open to

The Esoteric Consortium represents a tightly-knit syndicate dedicated to
increasing the influence of Ashtan via the acquisition of anything
deemed necessary for its Ascension. Be it through the merchant
aggressively marketing abroad, the artisan supplying the Ashtani war
machine, or the politician enacting a beneficial trade deal, members of
the Consortium represent an elaborate network of analysis, planning, and
knowledge dedicated to furthering the designs of the Chaos Court.

But understand that the House is not concerned with acquisition for
acquisition's sake - it is merely another path on the road to dominance
for Ashtan, Seat of Chaos.