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9.82 Emulation

The Relics of Proteus were something that both fascinated and confounded the
Aldar. As tools of violence and augmentation they were unsurpassed when fully
attuned to a user (a bonding impossible to all save those they were designed
for), and yet their means of creation was something outside of their
understanding, coming as it did from the inscrutable hand of Proteus Himself.
This lack of knowing drove many Firstborn to seek the secrets of these creations,
a journey which brought them both great victories and terrible losses.
The art of Emulation is the remnants of the research that those Aldar stored
within Saar-elan and Nur. Though their goal of replicating a relic of Proteus
was never attained, several of their effects could be emulated to either lesser
degrees or in some cases vastly divergent ones.
Be it the martyr's lifebond or the ghastly reprise, knowledge and strength both
grand and terrible remains buried within the unfinished work of the Aldar.