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Events News Post #110

Discover of the Hyfae

Written by: Anonymous
Date: Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
Addressed to: Everyone

It began quietly when an impatient kephera matron appeared on the
Alabaster Road, demanding assistance from the Serenwilde, in search of
medicine for what she claimed were sick companions. Soon, having been
lead by the Seneschal Harkux of the Serenwilde to the balach outpost
occupied by Orjojo and her companions, the matron got into a heated
argument with the mugwumpi scientist. Finally having came to an
agreement, Orjojo produced a phial of his cure for Boljo's sickness.
With barely a thanks, the matron quickly disappeared, rushing back to
the Undervault.

It was not long before the Moondancer Caffrey went to check on the
matron and her allegedly ailing kephera in the Neferti Gardens, though
no sick kephera could be found. Having arrived to find the Queen of the
Gardens missing and presumed dead, the matron quickly urged Caffrey to
seek aid from the Serenwilde in raising her. Though Serenwilde promptly
arrived, they became distracted by the prospect of hunting an enemy, and
quickly disappeared. Exasperated, the matron ordered a scout to seek aid
from New Celest. Reaching the Pool of Stars, the Paladin Squire Creslin
quickly promised to render assistance, and promptly lead a group of
Celestians in the effort. Later joined by Serenwilde, it was not long
before the Hive Queen Neferti was returned.

With the return of the Queen Neferti, the Matron quickly began rambling
out what made little sense to anyone present. At the quick command of
Neferti, the Matron lead the Serenwilde and New Celest in an awkward run
through the Northern Passages. Yet it was Synta, a young kephera
Shofangi who had been following the matron and attempting to help her
since the beginning, who first stumbled upon the Caverns of the Hyfae,
the ancestral home of a strange group of Awoken Fungi, plagued by
something they called only 'The Presence'.

Working together, New Celest and Serenwilde quickly began hunting the
mutants and monstrosities that roam the large, golden mushroom forest
known as the Tryko Forest, while others probed a strange toadstool woman
known as Wise Lamella and the kephera matron for bits and pieces of
information. As Harkux, Galaphyrae, Torre, Synta and others set to work,
it quickly became slow going. However determination prevailed and, in
the end, it was Narsrim D'cente` who slew the monstrous manifestation
Ukar, and aided Lamella in sealing it away.

Penned by My hand on the 1st of Urlachmar, in the year 201 CE.

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