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9.23 ZEAL

In the year 793 AF a great and shining hope was extinguished in the war against
the Light's ancient enemy. Yet never let it be said the Bloodsworn's faithful
cannot adapt to the changing times. Anointed with the ash of the Phoenix that
will never be reborn, the priests of Light and Fire cast off the skill of 
Healing and took up Zeal, imbuing their holy words with the latent remnants of
Phoenix song. 

The time to heal has passed; the time of reckoning has come.
The conviction of Zeal grants many great powers. Wielding holy verse empowered by
the echoes of Phoenix song, there are few limits upon a Priest's capabilities.
From condemning a heretic to be plagued by visions of their sins to drawing upon
their allies for a surge of healing power beyond any other, the vanguard of
Creation stand ready to exact retribution upon any that would challenge the
sanctity of their charge.