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9.68 Weaponmastery

Masters of melee weapons, knights with the weaponmastery skill are a force to
be reckoned with.

Weaponmasters can select a specialisation based on the weapons they wish to
use, these specialisations are as follows:

Dual cutting
Proficient in the use of two cutting weapons, knights with this specialisation
use scimitars or battle axes to decimate their foes with damage and venoms.

Key abilities: Duality, Lunge, Impale, and Disembowel.

Dual blunt
Master of destruction, these specialists obliterate an opponents limbs with 
flails and morningstars.

Key abilities: Momentum, Whirl, Skullcrush, and Pulp.

Two handed
Wielding the largest weapons available, these warriors conquer their enemies
with bastard swords and warhammers.

Key abilities: Carve, Hew, Devastate, and Cleave.

Sword and shield
Using their shields for both offence and defence, masters of the sword and
shield specialisation are a foe to fear. They are also armed with longswords
and broadswords.

Key abilities: Ferocity, Drive, Strike, and Smash.

Picking/Changing a specialisation
Picking and changing a specialisation is a simple task:

SPECIALISE IN <specialisation>

If you're already specialised, and wish to change, you can use the above
command to change it. There is a fee of one hundred lessons to change a
specialisation. Note that this fee applies whether or not you have embraced the class.