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12.3.4 Village of Eleusis

Bound in service to the earth and forsaking the ramparts of urban civilisation,
the Village of Eleusis is home to the forestal Houses, the Scions of the Ithmia
and the Heartwood Kin. Grown with the aid of the Earthmother and Dryads, the
village rests in the treetops of the Eastern Ithmia around the Great Oak at its

Wandering peddlers and merchants supplement village life. Bakers, candle makers,
forgers, bookbinders, glassblowers, and more all enliven the village, hawking
their wares to its inhabitants.

Eleusian beliefs are oriented around service, from which springs their deep
desire to both expand and protect the breadth and depth of Nature. Guided in this
by the Viridian Charter, the village exists solely for those who will devote
themselves to Her, place Her needs first, and for those who willingly shed tears,
sweat, and even blood in service of a cause greater than their own.

Stretching through the treetops while its roots expand beneath the earth, Eleusis
does not impose itself on the forest which surrounds it, but instead exists in
harmony with its surroundings. Naturally elevated and camouflaged, it has no need
for walls, for in its defence the very trees will come alive. The Eleusian
Rangers are its champions, and together with their Treekin, Dryad, and Tsol'aa
allies they fight to turn away any invaders.

                              "River, forest, sky
                          And ye with Nature at heart
                              Come together here"