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8.2.11 The Scions of the Ithmia

Devoted to the protection of Nature at all costs, the Scions of the Ithmia are 
passionately opposed to those who exploit and diminish Nature for personal gain. 
They are fierce guardians of the balance of Nature, charged with stamping out
any threats against Her. Proudly do they offer their lives in service, quick to
claim vengeance against those who would blight the earth.

The Scions of the Ithmia herald the truth of the land by virtue of 
edification, public ceremony, and dominant force: through their efforts are 
the blindfolds of the ignorant lifted, unveiling the majesty of the natural 
world. Limitless in number and relentless in their endeavours, the Scions
of the Ithmia call upon the sheer ferocity of Nature to bring about 
retribution. In their stead does Nature come forth, salvaging the tainted 
and cleansing the rot, affording fresh growth to a locus once plagued by the
caprice of mankind.

Fortified amongst the boughs of the forest, the Scions of the Ithmia are
consumed by a single vision: to see the roots of Nature's influence spread
throughout the known world.