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When you SHOUT something, you project your voice across the land to any that
can hear it. SHOUT <your message> is the syntax, and it is important to
remember that generally speaking, only the Gods and some powerful adventurers
will know who is shouting.. The other mortals will simply hear something like
"A weak and feeble voice shouts, "Aaarrggh! The rats! They're everywhere!!" or,
if once you become stronger, something like, "A powerful female voice shouts,
"Aaaarrggghh! The dragons! They're everywhere!!"

Generally speaking, if you want to speak to an individual adventurer, it's best
to use tells rather than shouts. Further, to reduce unwanted spam from a
potentially valuable channel, insulting other adventurers, or gloating over
them, is prohibited on shouts.

As you progress in levels, you'll find that your shouts change. Further, once
you have joined the ranks of the dragon, your shouts will automatically include
your name, so that all will know the power of your will.

How to Shout
1. Go find a Ram's Horn. There are a few of them scattered about the
   land, generally on cliffs or mountain tops, though there are exceptions.
   They're in the Western Vashnars, the Southern Vashnars, the Granite
   Hills, above Riparium, Nitre's balcony in the Mhojave, the Underworld,
   the Shrine of Ascension and more.
2. Put 100 gold in the Ram's Horn.
   Careful! Don't just 'put gold in horn' - you might put ALL your gold
   in, and the horn will gladly accept every last sovereign.
3. Shout, once, in a Ram's Horn location, in the next two minutes.

There are two exceptions to this:
 - Those who have attained the level "Dragon Lord" may shout from wherever they
 - Those who have completed a Ram's Horn talisman, or purchased a Ram's Horn
from the Shop of Wonders may shout from wherever they wish.

SHOUT <msg>
  - Shout out a message to those in the land.

  - Check your SCORE to see what your shout currently looks
    like to other people.

  - Stop listening to shouts.

  - Begin listening to shouts again.