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Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


The Ministry of Cultural Affairs is responsible for holding events within the city, and generally keeping the morale of the citizens high. Those holding this office are encouraged to come up with innovative, fun events for citizens. If they are successful, we may support them with custom code.

Aside from unsupported events, this Ministry is responsible for any Arenas that the city owns.

The commands associated with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs are as follows. 

 - The detailed report for this ministry for the given year.

 - Non-financial general report for this ministry.

Note that these commands will only work on an Arena owned by your city.

ARENA SHOW <arena>
- Lets you see information about an Arena. For instance: ARENA SHOW HASHAN would show Hashan's Arena, assuming it had one.
- NOW includes a list of those ALLOWED, even before the INIT has occurred.
- See the end of this help scroll for an example SHOW.

ARENA SET <arena> FEE <fee> [optional: PER LEVEL]
- With this, you set the fee that your Arena will charge people. If you do not include the words 'per level' at the end, the fee you set will be a flat fee that will apply equally to everybody. If you include 'per level' then the fee you have will be multiplied by the adventurer's level. 
- You will end up netting 1/3 of the total fees the adventurers pay, as the winner gets 2/3 of the fees paid, at least in the case of Duels.

- allows duels "to the Death" or forbids them.

ARENA SETUP <arena> ALLOW <organisation / adventurer>
- By default, your Arena will be able to be used by anyone in the case of the various events. Doing this will limit the next event to whichever organisations (cities, orders, clans, houses) you specify. You may also specify individuals. You can allow as many organisations and individuals as you like.
- In order to select an Order, use the name of the God.

ARENA SETUP <arena> DISALLOW <organisation / adventurer>
- If you've already set someone or some organisation as allowed, this will reverse it.

ARENA SETUP <arena> EXCLUDE <organisation / adventurer>
- This command will explicitly exclude the specified organisation members or the specific individual from joining the event. You cannot exclude and allow the same organisation/adventurer at once.

*NOTE* THIS OVERRIDES THE ALLOW OPTION. If someone is a member of an org that is excluded but is also a member of a different org that is allowed, they will be excluded.

ARENA SETUP <arena> INCLUDE <organisation / adventurer>
- If you've already set someone or some organisation as excluded, this will reverse it.

ARENA SETUP <arena> MAXLEVEL <maximum level>
- Only those whose level is equal to or under the maximum level will be able to participate in the next event.

ARENA SETUP <arena> MINLEVEL <minimum level>
- Only those whose level is equal to or greather than the minimum level will be able to participate in the next event.

- Only allow those in lesser form.

ARENA SETUP <arena> DELAY <2-5 minutes>
- By default, your Arena event will start automatically in 5 minutes.
- With this setting you can change it to be 2 to 5 minutes.

ARENA SETUP <arena> DURATION <15-60 minutes>
- By default, the game will have a duration of 15 minutes.
- With this setting you can set it from 15 to 60 minutes.

- Force random teams during team arena events.

- Resets an arena. Kicks everybody in it out and clears off any event.

ARENA WITHDRAW <arena> <amount>
- Withdraw gold from an Arena.

ARENA DEPOSIT <arena> <amount>
- Deposit gold in the operating account of an Arena.

INIT <event> <arena>
- Initialises an event in an Arena. You will want to do any SETUP commands on the Arena first. 

Example: INIT FREEFORALL DELOS. All adventurers who can participate in the event will see a message offering them the chance to join.
- Possible events are, providing your Arena is equipped with them: freeforall, baitgame, freezetag, Rampagei, koth, totf.
- INITing an event will withdraw 3000 gold from the arena's coffers.

START <event> <arena>
- Begins an event. Example START BAITGAME DELOS.

END <event> <arena>
- Prematurely end an event. This is marginally better to use than ARENA RESET if an event is already started.

Below is an example of what ARENA SHOW displays, and what each field in it indicates.

--[Arena #1]------------------------------------------------------------------

   Name:     delos                      Basename:  arena
   Fullname: The Matsuhama Arena
   Staging:  ARENA_STAGE                Spectator: SPECTATOR
   Gold:     5721139                    Owner:     none
   Lifetime: 12074460                   Fee:       5 (per level)
                                        Delay:     5 min

Total Events Held:
   Duels: 43361  FFAs: 3047  Freezes: 219  Baits: 160  Rampages: 145

Events and Mods:
   Duel  FFA  Freezetag  Baitgame  Rampage

Game: Free-for-all
   Max level: 85  Min level: 40
   Sarapis Mausolus

- Indicates what name you have to refer to the Arena by.

- Not relevant for mortals.

- The proper name of the Arena.

- The god names for the rooms that are the Staging and Spectator for the Arena. Not very useful for a mortal but there for the sake of completeness.

- The amount of gold currently in the Arena's account.

- The owner of the Arena.

- Lifetime earnings from that Arena.

- The fee to use the Arena. It will specify whether it is a per level fee or a flat fee.

Total Events Held
- Keeps track of the total number of events of each type that have been held in that Arena.

Events and Mods (Modifications):
- What events that Arena is able to run, and what modifications, if any, it possesses.

Allowed Participants and Groups:
- If you have used ALLOW, these persons or groups will be shown here.

- The current event.

- Various properties particular to that event.

- The adventurers currently in that event.