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12.14.18 The Island of Minos

Nestled in the Bay of Dardanos, the island of Minos was settled generations ago
by political dissidents from Kashar. Over the years, the Minoans built a
prosperous kingdom, sheltered from outsiders by strong currents and dangerous
shoals that have only recently been penetrated.

The island is ruled by the Mage Regent Arsentar, who took power after the royal
family was killed in a freak storm that destroyed the palace. Firmly ensconced
within the Onyx Needle on the eastern end of the island, the mage is not
without his detractors. The villagers speak in quiet whispers of a rebellion
fomenting against the mage's increasingly tyrannical rule, of the Princess
Aristia who survived the palace's destruction and is on the run, and of
terrible experiments that take place on their vanished kinsmen as Arsentar's
elemental minions and ruthless guards sweep the island, crushing any who openly
voice their dissent.