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8.2 The Houses of Achaea

(For information on adventurer-owned housing, please see HELP HOUSING)

What are Houses?
Houses are organisations comprised of and run by adventurers devoted to a common purpose. The purpose varies widely from House to House, ranging from spreading evil to accumulating great wealth to protecting the forests of Sapience. Each House is unique in its history and place within the world and each offers an insight sui generis into the world of Achaea.

Why are Houses important?
Houses serve as cornerstones of conflict, discovery, and camaraderie for the Achaean populace. Further, Houses offer invaluable advice and guidance to those new to the Realms. The support offered by a House is priceless to those wishing to make their way in the world, from learning about your skills to navigating the world at large to even loftier goals of supremacy in politics, combat, and research. 

Houses are venerable institutions steeped in history, rich in knowledge and culture. For those new to Achaea especially, the importance of joining a House to align with those of similar goals and philosophies cannot be stressed strongly enough! To learn about joining a House, see HELP JOINING A HOUSE.

Each House owns a House Estate, a meeting place and home for the House's members, where the House's unique denizen tutor resides. Many House Estates also hold other benefits for the House's members. Some Houses may have purchased endurance or willpower regeneration rooms as well, where their House members regenerate endurance or willpower more quickly. Beyond these resources, most Estates contain libraries where the House members have archived their knowledge. (See HELP LIBRARIES.)

Want to find out more?
HOUSE LIST               - Lists all Houses, including city and Patron.
HOUSE STRUCTURE <house>  - Show the leadership of a House. Highly customisable!

HELP HOUSE <short name>  - This will show you a short version of the leadership structure along with a House's heraldry and a description of the House.


If you're a House leader, please read HELP HOUSE LEADERS. See HELP 8 for
more information on Houses.

(For information on adventurer-owned housing, please see HELP HOUSING)