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12.17.13 The Elemental Planes and Embassy

The Elemental Planes

Encompassing Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, the Elemental Planes are the fiefdoms
of Whiirh, Garash, Kkractle, and Sllshya. Open now to adventurers willing to
serve and ambitious to climb in stature, power, and prestige, the Elemental
Embassy handles all matters of recruitment and defection.

When all relevant bureacracy is concluded, access to your plane is available via
the Mannamot branches; from this great Yggdrasian nexus, only your affiliated
plane is accessible, yet from the heart of the elemental territories, great
gateways exist for those who dare to cross between.

Whistle for the Wind. Prostrate yourself before the majesty of Earth. Fling yourself into the Water's unfathomable depths. Or leap without care into the embrace of the Fire. The choice is yours.

The Elemental Embassy

Destroyed by a wizard's tantrum in the year 758 AF, the Elemental Embassy was
rebuilt by the prodigious efforts of the tash'la after considerable donations by
the Primes. Having been restored to prominence, and its offices, halls, and
atriums as grand and inspiring as they ever were, the Embassy's doors are now
open, granting access to those wishing to venture into the Elemental Planes.

Home to the emissaries of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, the Embassy resides upon
the Mannamot collar of Yggdrasil, at the very heart of that Tier's nexus. All
matters of admission and defection are handled within, and those wishing to join
the service of Garash, Kkractle, Sllshya, or Whiirh, should first register their
intent with the emissary, and survive a conversation with the head administrator,

             and HELP ELEMENTAL LORDS