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4.13.8 Provincial Achaean

True speakers of Achaean recognise the pure language and speak it only.
Others speak a corrupt, mutated form of Achaean often called Provincial,
or Provincial Achaean (probably intended as a slur against those who do
not live in or close to the population centres of Sapience).

For those who wish to know, here are some examples of Provincial Achaean
and their proper Achaean renditions:

Provincial   Achaean    Provincial   Achaean      Provincial   Achaean
----------   --------   ----------   ---------    ----------   ---------
artifact  -> artefact   dreamed   -> dreamt       maneuver  -> manoeuvre
center    -> centre     honor     -> honour       realize   -> realise
color     -> colour     jewelry   -> jewellery    skeptical -> sceptical
dialog    -> dialogue   judgment  -> judgement    skillful  -> skilful