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21.6 Parties and the Party tells

(See also: HELP GROUPS)

Parties are informal groups for communication. Anybody can form a party or join
an existing one. Language rules and IC rules apply on party channels(*).
Immortals can hear them.

* An exception for parties is made, similar to clans: a party may be ooc if
every single party member clearly agrees that the party is ooc.

The main command is PARTY. Try that to see the options.

To get a party started, PARTY INVITE <person>. If that person then does PARTY
ACCEPT, then a party is formed, and you can use PARTYTELL <message> just like
you would any other normal channel (NEWBIE, HNT, OT, CT, CHT, etc). You may
want to check CONFIG COLOUR to pick a colour that you like for your party

To Leave a Party
PARTY QUIT or just leaving the realms will end your membership in a party.

To Configure the Colour of Your Party Channel

To Stop Listening to Party Tell

To Listen to Party Tell Again

To See Who is Currently in Your Party

Commands Summary
CONFIG COLOUR PARTYTELLS - pick the colour for your party channel.
PARTY ACCEPT             - accept an invitation into a party (join a party).
PARTY INVITE <who>       - invite someone into your party.
PARTY INVITE FRIENDS     - invite all online friends to your party.
PARTY MEMBERS            - see who is in your party.
PARTY QUIT               - quit your party.
PT <message>             - say something to your party.
PTOFF                    - stop listening to your party channel.
PTON                     - listen to your party channel again.
PWHO                     - see who is in your party.

(See also: HELP GROUPS)