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11.8.30 Lupus, Wild God of the Beasts

In grief-stricken rage, the Wildfather fell in battle against Artemis, the Great Wrath, His madness incurable until His death in the year 844.

Lupus, the beating heart of Nature, the spirit of Lupus, can be found in the
soul of the wary observer from afar, to the racing mind of a fearful prey
eluding the hunter, to the cold, calculating mind of the Predator, Lupus'
spirit flows throughout them all.

The essence of Lupus transcends the mere savagery of the wilderness, and
permeates through the ritualistic culture of the Hunt. From the intricate,
enchanting song during a Lupine offering, to the boisterous escapades of
hunters celebrating over a pint, and even woven within the wondrous depths of a
Tomaculan tapestry; it is here, in the refinement of mortal culture the Spirit
of Lupus dwells, allowing those worthy of His blessing to be lost in the
hypnotic pleasure of the Hunt.

The Chosen of Lupus dwell within the mortal realms under the ways of a Wolf
pack. Undyingly loyal to their brethren, these wolves tread through the lands
not just as an individual, but an extremity of a greater whole. The hearts of
the Lupine souls are so woven together that no force within the realms can
sever this bond, save the Great Mother Herself. As the Pack, they live
together, love together, and bleed together, such is the way of the Lupine
soul. Woe be to the fool who draws the wrath of the Lupine pack upon

Lupus has been known to appear to mortals in the form of a Great White Wolf,
dashing through the underbrush of the lands, on a never-ending hunt through the
Ethers. By the right side of the White Wolf walks Grimaldrin, the long time
hunting companion of Lupus Himself, forever immortalized in the Hunt for his
great deeds as the Captain of Lupus' Werewolf Guardians. Lupus is said to
favour the talons of the mighty birds of prey that soar through the heavens
above, as his shrines are known to reflect the might of the Lupine Spirit in
the beasts of the land.