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10.8.4 Liberation

If you wish to liberate an area your Minister of Defence, City Leader, or a Defence Aide will need to SANCTION LIBERATION in the area when it is the conquering city's Eidolic Phase.

An area maybe liberated only if one of the following facts is true:

1. It has only one adjacent conquerable area. I.e. any dead end area can always be liberated (for example, Moghedu). Note that unconquerable areas do not count for this calculation, so if an area has two areas off it but one is immune to conquest, that is a dead end area.

2. The org who holds the area has less than two areas adjacent to said area also under their control. For example, if Mhaldor holds Mhaldor Isle and Blackrock, Mhaldor isle cannot be liberated because they have Blackrock(1), and Mhaldor proper (2) adjacent. If Blackrock is then liberated, Mhaldor Isle is now vulnerable once more.

3. Hostile orgs have equivalent numbers of territory to the controlling org adjacent. This one should not come into play very often.

The sanction liberation command has a 24 hour cooldown per city.

This begins a five minute countdown.

Once the timer completes, one of the liberating force will need to ACTIVATE TANK at a location within the conquered area.

This tank will need to be specially prepared beforehand:
* Forge and charge a tank as usual.
* PRIME <tank>
* Fortyeight hours later, the tank is primed. You can now use it for your heroic liberations as before.
* If you don't use it within 24 hours, it will engulf your tank room in a glorious explosion and annihilate your city's munitions reserve and possibly slay all nearby guards as well.
* Not really, it just burns out and is gone.
* Retrieve tank etc is smart, won't use your liberation tanks for raids or raid tanks for liberations.
* Primed or priming tanks don't count towards your tank cap (so you can start tending a new one after you begin priming).

The location of your tank will be displayed on SURVEY for those in the area.

Defend and charge this tank. 
   - It will only charge to level one.
   - You can only place one tank.
   - Deaths and time will charge this tank.
   - The number of deaths and time it takes will increase the more areas your city has conquered.
   - The sanction will last 100 minutes, or until the tank is detonated/disarmed/captured, whichever happens first.

DETONATE TANK to liberate the area once your tank is charged. 

These tanks can be captured and disarmed, as is normal. Doing so will end the liberation attempt.

All of the tank related channels will take longer to use out of city.

If the Eidolic Phase ends while you are attempting to liberate an area, your liberation attempt will end.

Any city can disarm or capture, but only the city who sanctions the liberation attempt can place the tank.

When a tank is placed, all in the area are liable to be attacked, those attempting to liberate the area should be ready to defend.

This is not a bountyable or contractable period UNLESS the area is mutually allied to the city who holds the area, in that case a liberation attempt is a overtly hostile action against the city and bounties may be filed.

For example: 
   If Mhaldor is attempting to liberate New Thera from Ashtani occupation (New Thera is mutual allies with Ashtan), Ashtan may file bounties on those who get involved.
   BUT if Ashtan is attempting to liberate the Shamtota Hills from Eleusis, Eleusis may not file bounties against those who challenge their hold.

When an area is liberated, all adjacent areas to that one held by the defeated organisation are given the liberation protection. Note that this only prevents liberation initiation - if those areas are already being liberated, those liberations will resolve as normal. This essentially prevents you from taking an area protecting another one, then taking that newly vulnerable area within the same phase.