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4.4 Learning, and Other Ways of Increasing Skills


    I. Learning
   II. Practicing
  III. Speeding Up Learning
   IV. Other Ways to Increase Skills
    V. Tutors
   VI. City Tutors
  VII. House Tutors
 VIII. Learning From Adventurers
   IX. Forgetting skills

I. Learning
To raise your skills and gain more abilities, find a tutor to learn from and
spend your lessons! A tutor could be an adventurer or a denizen. You must have
lessons available to spend on your learning (HELP LESSONS). To begin a lesson:

   LEARN <#> <skill> FROM <tutor>     (# can be anything from 1 to 15)


You may see how many lessons you have to spend by typing SCORE RESOURCES. To
find out how far you are to the next skill level, try asking a denizen tutor:

   ASK <tutor> <skill>

II. Practicing
Practicing, which is using an ability over and over, does nothing to increase
the relevant skill.

The only case in which practicing (of a sort) is useful, is when you have just
acquired a proficiency (HELP PROFICIENCIES). Attack with the weapon in order to
fully gain the proficiency.

III. Speeding Up Learning
- Should you learn from a mentor, you will be able to learn 5 more lessons at
  a time.
- Should you eat myrrh or bisemutum, you will be able to learn 5 more lessons 
  at a time.

IV. Other Ways to Increase Skills
- You may gain a small amount if others learn from you.
- Certain abilities may increase your skills, such as a Druid harvesting
  his own hive or the effects of using a certain Tarot card.
- Possibly via a boon (HELP BOONS).

V. Tutors
There are four types of tutors: General tutors, city tutors, House-specific
tutors, and adventurers. A general tutor is a denizen who can teach anyone
class specific abilities up to virtuoso level and non-class skills up to
maximum level. There are few so learned who will share their knowledge
publicly. Of these few, the most famous are Onorol the Healer and Tyrandiel the
wise. You may find Onorol in the Sacristy of Healing in Shastaan, and Tyrandiel
within the Lucretian Athenaeum in New Thera.

VI. City Tutors
City tutors can train you in any ability but are only able to teach up to
the skillrank of Skilled. (See: HELP SKILLRANKS.) The city tutors are:

Ashtan:    Epicurus
Cyrene:    Indalecio
Eleusis:   Aine
Hashan:    Damaris
Mhaldor:   Maric
Targossas: Cazin

VII. House Tutors
Each House in Achaea has at least one tutor. Only House members may learn from
this tutor, who usually resides in the House's estate where you may learn in
relative safety. House tutors alone can teach all abilities up to the maximum

VIII. Learning From Adventurers
The final method is learning from another adventurer. The adventurer you are
learning from must have the same skill that you want to learn, and he must have
the skill at a higher level than you.

Your tutor also benefits slightly from teaching you. This benefit to the
teacher will only occur if you learn no less than 15 lessons each time.

You may offer to teach a skill by typing TEACH <skill> <adventurer>. There is
never any benefit (in terms of increased skill) to you, as teacher, when you
offer to teach someone a skill in this way.

IX. Forgetting Skills
Those at level 30 and under may reset the lessons spent in a skill by using the
following syntax: FORGET <SKILL>. This will return almost 100% of your invested
lessons back to you.

* Note: This functionality is blocked once you've been offered to embrace, or
        you've embraced your class.