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Often times, certain people engage in wide-spread acts of Infamy, such as
involving themselves in combat with a range of people, defiling shrines, or
slaying city guards. Although these are all legal acts (assuming you have an
IC reason for the PK-related actions), someone who engages in them regularly
is, in our opinion, granting implicit consent to be attacked by others. Infamy 
is the measure of this implicit consent.

As you commit certain acts, you will gain Infamy. As you gain more Infamy, you
will approach the ranks of the Infamous. Once you are Infamous, you are fair
game to all other Infamous people as well as all members of the Marks and
members of The Dauntless. But, don't worry, your Infamy will slowly decay when
you're online and you will eventually lose your Infamous status unless you
continue to engage in acts of Infamy.

*** Infamous people are -only- open PK to members of the Mark, Dauntless,  and other Infamous people. ***

Infamous people may not take out contracts on those who are eligible to kill them, however they are free to seek retribution in person should they deem it appropriate (under standard PK guidelines).

Infamous people who are attacked by those who are not eligible to kill them are free to take out a contract or file an issue should the situation warrant administrative intervention under standard PK guidelines.


There are multiple ways to gain Infamy:

1. Using offensive abilities against other adventurers.
   - Everytime you use an offensive ability against another adventurer, whether
     you "started" the fight or not, you gain Infamy. However, you can only
     gain Infamy from fighting with a single individual once per 24 hours.
     So, if you have a bloodfeud against someone, you can feel free to fight
     that person frequently without worrying about reaching Infamous status.
     The reason is that your Infamy will decay fast enough to balance what
     you'd get from fighting one or two people.

   - Infamy is not gained from offensive acts in the Arenas or during events
     with xp loss off.

   - You will gain Infamy more slowly when committing PK-related acts against
     other adventurers while in your home or an allied city.

   - You will gain Infamy faster when active in an enemy city.

2. Defiling shrines.
   - You will gain some Infamy for every 'session' of defiling a particular
     shrine. A session ends when you haven't defiled that shrine for 20
     seconds. So, if you are continually defiling a particular shrine,
     you'll be in the same 'session' and will only gain Infamy once.

3. Killing city guards or other creatures loyal to a city.
   - You will gain Infamy for every one of these you slay.

4. Theft.
   - You will gain Infamy -every- time you force or try to force someone to
     give, drop, put, or throw something.
   - Be warned that thieving is the fastest way to gain Infamy, and that you
     will quickly become Infamous if you are a thief.
   - There is essentially no limit to the Infamy you can gain through

5. Resurrecting the Infamous.

6. Attacking nature/Evil.
   - Exterminating/Vivifying a room.

There are multiple ways to lose Infamy:

1. Over time, either present in the realms (faster) or not (slower).
2. Death to adventurers, or to city guards.

* You can see someone's general Infamy level in his honours. Individuals
  either don't have much Infamy, are getting close to being Infamous, or
  are Infamous. There is no way to see exact numbers, or how long you
  will be Infamous for. For the truly infamous, several levels of
  identification have been added - solidly infamous, inveterately infamous,
  entrenched infamous, staggeringly infamous, and near-permanent infamous.

** Infamy decays continuously - in realms or not (though faster in realms).

You may indemnify someone for half an hour using the syntaxes below. What this
means is that for half an hour, if that person attacks you, he or she will not
gain Infamy for doing so. This is useful for setting up duels and the like.

INDEMNIFY <person>  (or IDM <person>)
  Indemnifies someone for half an Achaean day. He will gain no Infamy 
  for attacking you during that time.

  List the people you have currently indemnified.