Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


JOIN EVENT               - you'll receive your banderbow
WIELD BANDERBOW          - ready to go!
BANDERSHOOT <direction>  - if a bandersnatch is precisely one location
                           away in that direction, you'll kill one! Rush
                           over and get that valuable corpse.

Each bandersnatch corpse in your possession is worth points.
Each tumtum fruit in your possession is worth points as well.

Half-eaten tumtum fruit (which fall out of deceased bandersnatchi) are
worth double points!

Hunt frumious bandersnatchi with your bright beautiful blungey banderbow!
Find the tasty twisty twirly tumtum fruit, either on the ground or in
the corpse of your latest kill.

Yes, this is the game of hunt the frumious bandersnatch!

At the start of each game, which is played across all of the prime
material plane of sapience, a number of fast-moving frumious bandersnatchi
will appear throughout the lands. A banderbow will also appear in the
trembling hands of able-bodied Achaeans who choose to JOIN EVENT.

Wield the bow, and 'bandershoot <direction>' - if there is a frumious
bandersnatch in the next location in that direction, then you've bagged
yourself this very fast moving, very elusive creature. Run to grab the 
corpse and the glory!

The bandersnatchi must have something to eat, and that's where the tumtum
fruits come in. Many fruits will appear to feed and comfort the flaming
frumious bandersnatchi. If you get there first, you could grab a few
yourself, and some game points with them. On the other hand, if you
wait until a bandersnatch has grabbed a fruit and then shoot him, you
will find that the precious half-eaten fruit are worth DOUBLE points!

Score is based on the number of tumtum fruit and bandersnatchi corpses
in your inventory (not in other containers). Fruit and corpses drop if
you die or leave the game. Fruit with more sides are more valuable.
Fruit that is half eaten is worth double.

To check your score, and the top scores of all contestants at any time,
simply type EVENT SCORES.

THEFT is forbidden at all times during a Bandersnatch hunt, PK or no-PK, if
the victim OR thief have joined the event.

This is a standard EVENT which may be flagged FREE-PK. If it is, then players
who die during the game will lose no experience, and players who kill other
players will gain none (see exceptions below). Players may attack each other
freely without further roleplay reason, and without consequences after the
game. Theft is forbidden, and will result in stiff penalties if encountered.

Tumtum fruit and bandersnatch corpses will not travel with you if you go in the
trees, indoors, off the prime material plane, flying, or if you happen to be
graced, phased, blackwinded, or in astral form. They will also not survive
being placed into any other container, excepting that they are often found,
half eaten, in the corpses of bandersnatchi.

Tumtum Fruit and Bandersnatchi will be in outdoor rooms on the main continent
of Sapience. They will not appear in the trees or flying, or on other planes,
arenas, subdivisions, wilderness, or newbie areas. They will disappear when
entering indoor rooms, as well as organisational property.