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Purchasing a dwelling can be a defining moment in your life. It signifies that
you've put down roots, and gives you a wonderful opportunity for creative

Our housing system is quite involved. This scroll is designed to give you an
overview. More specific details are found in other related scrolls.

What do you mean by a house?
A house, in this case, from an out-of-character perspective, is a set of rooms
totally controlled by the owner of the house. What you turn the 'house' into is
up to you. It could be anything from a one room hut to a grand castle fit for
an emperor.

How much control do I have over my house?
A great deal of control. Within your house, you can change exits as you please,
name the house, add rooms, destroy rooms, hide exits, reveal exits, create
doors, destroy doors, set permissions on who can open the doors, and, of
course, title and describe the rooms as you wish. You can also purchase
upgrades for particular rooms that will do things such as regenerate health for
you and your allies while in that room.

A word of caution: If your house is built within a city subdivision, cities own the subdivision and have jurisdiction. 

They are entitled to regulate access to the subdivision. So if you are enemied
to the city in which you own a house, or are otherwise restricted from access,
it is possible that you may lose access to your house until the restrictions
are removed.

So how do I build one already??
You have to do the following:

1. Go to the Property Office in Delos, and purchase room credits.
   A room credit costs 200 wood and 100 stone comms.
   It costs 10 room credits to buy a room and 1 room credit to buy a door.

2. Go to a subdivision in any of the cities, and find a plot for sale.
   You'll see which plots are for sale as you move around.

3. Build your house.

4. Add rooms, set exits, create doors, describe the rooms, and so on.

Subdivision? What do you mean exactly?
Well, if you type HELP <city> you'll see that one of the city ministries is the
Ministry of Development. This office is responsible for building out a
subdivision map, using the Wilderness Map system, and is also responsible for
initially pricing and selling a plot. Of course, later on, a plot owner may put
his or her plot up for sale.

Where can I get more specific information?
  - Information on the Ministry of Development.

  - Information on the Wilderness Map system.

  - All the details on housing.

  - Help on door permissions.

  - See what housing upgrades are available.