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8.12 House tells and House channels

Housetell, or HT, is a method by which you can communicate with all of your
House members currently online. There are really two kinds of House tell, with
an additional option on one of them.

Regular Housetell
The command to use it is HT <whatever you want to say>. HTOFF cause you to stop
listening to housetells, while HTON will cause you to begin listening once

If you are in a House position that has the HTS power, you may also use HTS
(for HTSECRET) to speak to everyone in the House who also has that power. The 
title of the channel will show up with << >> around it to indicate that it is 

Note: Neither HT or HTS can be listened to or spoken on by Newcomers.

House Newcomer Tell
This channel is specifically for House Newcomers and those in the house who
are working to help the Newcomers. HNTON will turn it on. HNTOFF will turn it
off. HNT <what you wish to say> is the command to use it.

This channel will appear as 'Newcomers' when someone speaks on it, unless the
House has asked its patron to customise the channel name. For instance, the
Sentinels' HNT channel will show up as 'Cubs' (which is what they call their
newest members).

See also: HELP 8