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A GROUP is a group of adventurers who are travelling in a cohesive unit.

How to Form a Group
FOLLOW someone! For example, if you wish to follow Crotalus, you'd simply
FOLLOW CROTALUS and you'll be added to his group.

Benefits of Groups
You will generally share experience gained in combat while you are in a group.
A dedicated channel for speaking to members of your group exists: GROUPTELL, or

How to Leave a Group
LOSE the person you are following (or is following you), or simply walk away
from the group.

How to See Who is in Your Group
The GROUP command will show the person you're following, and all other members
of your group.

If you wish to see which of your loyal denizen companions are following you,
the ENTOURAGE (or ENT for short) command will give you the details.

Group Movement
If you follow another adventurer, then when he moves, you'll move too (assuming
you can).

Group Targetting
The ASSIST command allows you to target the denizen that the group leader is

(See also: HELP PARTIES)